Monday, August 18, 2008

The missing video from the long post

Here is the abounding energy video.

Yes I know...Kora is a hootchie and I'm gonna deal with major issues involving her when she's a teenager...not looking forward to that but I'm sure it's payback for the all the crap I put my parents through.

I think it's interesting how much rhythm they have when there isn't a single drop of music playing anywhere.



Bonnie said...

Ok, so that is adorable! You have some pretty cute kids.

David & Teresa George said...

I was a witness to this silly dance. They just had so much energy to release. NO TV, Video, Beds, and a house with nothing in it will do that to kids. Dad

Dena said...

are you hyperventilating in the back? i was laughing at you laughing. so much so that ernie keeps asking me what i'm laughing at.

Lindsay said...

i like how kora's all... III gotta be the main focus. I feel bad for issak... he seems all sad like he doesn't understand what's happening and he refuses to accept it.

Janae said...

I wonder what dance you were putting on behind the camera. Kora must get it somewhere.