Friday, July 25, 2008

Junk and Pics Together

1. We've been going swimming with friends (Natalie and Jessica) a lot lately and having a fun time with those friends before we leave :( Miah got a hold of Jake's snorkel the other day and looked hilarious with his teeth all puckered out. He looks like he's about to have a dental exam or something.

2. Tomorrow Pops and Kim are taking the heathens so I can separate all our stuff from my parents and make huge piles for the movers to take. This is a picture of the toy room I have to tackle. Half of this junk is ours, the other half is my parents' stuff so I have to separate it all out and set it aside. Thankfully I have a friend coming from Fort Worth to help me master this job. The movers are coming on Monday and our stuff will be in transit for a possibility of up to 12 days!!!! We leave on the 31st and will be there late on the 1st SOOOO, I have to pack like a vacation in case we are without everything for many days in VA. BTW, don't know if I explained things to y'all but my dad is driving in our car with us to VA, we will spend the night probably in Knoxville, TN and then finish the drive the next day. My dad will fly back to TX on Sunday the 3rd.

3. My Izey is still just a precious ball of love! We've been calling him Izey Road which stems from a nickname we gave Roscoe. It's kinda complicated. We call Roscoe, Roscky Road because it sounds like Rocky Road and just rolls off your tongue. Well, now that we have Isaak, we shortened it to Izey and it just seems right to add the Road. So he's Izey Road. Weird, I know, but we are. I love how perfectly round his head is in this picture!

4. Oh my stinkin YUM. Look at this face, those thighs, those little armies. I'm gonna miss all these little parts when he gets big :( He's been sleeping pretty good and is starting to have a more structured schedule. During the day he usually has at least 1, sometimes 2 pretty good long 3 hour naps. Other times during the day it's just shorter cat naps. He usually falls asleep for the night in the 10:00 hour and then sleeps until 1am, eats then goes back to sleep until 5 and then eats and goes back to bed until 7am. At this point he either is done for the night or if I'm REALLY lucky, he'll go back to sleep until 9am. I'm a happy person when I get those 9am mornings!!

5. Izey was born with some super crazy elf ears that I'm loving SO much! When he first came out and Austin saw his ears he came over to me and said seriously, "I'm worried about his ears." It was so funny because he was really worried and probably still is. I, on the other hand, think they are super unique and lovely! This picture doesn't do the uniqueness of them justice!

6. I keep talking about my friend Jessica and haven't showed you any pictures of her cutie patootie boys Nate and Brad. She also has a baby too named Adam. It's funny because every time we do something with them, her boys have to get in my car and bounce around in there before they leave. This day, we were watching Nacho Libre and they all looked so cute hovering around the movie while we sat outside her house.

7. Some of you have asked about an update on Kora's nose so here goes. We went to the ENT on Monday and he gave us some really great news. He said the good thing about kids' noses is that they are mostly cartilage and the bones haven't completely formed yet. He said most of the time what happens is the fractured nose looks really bad at first and then over a period of time it just "boings" back in place. That's basically whats been going on with hers. When it first happened it was smashed against her cheek and now it's straightening back out by itself more and more each day. He didn't have to reset it, thank GOSH. He checked her all out and was only worried about septum damage because of the amount of blood she lost but when he looked, there was nothing to worry about. We had one more visit on Wednesday just to be sure, and everything was still perfect!! YAY!! Now it's becoming a tiny bit bruised, but it's not too bad. I can't believe it's not crazy colors because that was a pretty big bash in the face.


Valinda said...

Thanks for the update and good Luck with everything else. I seriously want to steal your baby he's too cute!

Safire said...

Yay you'll be in the area soon!! Let's get together when you're settled.

Jess said...

Miah looks so grown up in the first pic! I was thinking it was just since he was all teeth, so I looked back at the "boys pic in your car"...and nope...he's growing up!

Good luck on packing! Hopefully that's the only crazy room you have left! Safe travels to your new home!

Sweet Isaak! Maybe he's gonna be on Santa's team!

Yay for Kora's nose!

We need video woman! Besides your hilarious stories and cute's your videos I love to watch! They always make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I haven't been reading much of anyone's blog for a while, and holly cow!!! you are leaving in a week!!!! I can't believe it. A part of me feel happy for you that you are uniting with Austin and I heard VA is beautiful, and another part of me feel sad, sad, sad that you are leaving. We didn't even get to meet up at all. Thanks goodness I get to see you at the bowling place's for Tyler's birthday, or it will make me even more sad. Your little Issak is growing so well and healthy. He is a cutie, looks just like Kora. I am already feeling a little disappointed that you are leaving. I will miss you even though I haven't been a very good friend at keeping in touch. I pray that everything goes well for you and I am so glad that you good Dad is driving wih you. keep me posted. Love ya and miss ya. I am also glad that you are making alot of good friends here in Rockwall, and you are being loved by your friends.


Lindsay said...

now i feel dumb for calling... it seems if i had just checked your BLOG like i should have (but i usually don't do this on weekends..) i would have known eXACTLY what was going on. DUH. Tell jess that i really enjoyed talking to her by the pool that day i was there. She helped me feel better about dental school... just hearing about someone else who'd already been through it made me feel like i could do it. Plus... her boys were SO funny in the pool. They became so attached to enos and i so quick. hehe. they were just too sweet and fun.

Laura said...

Where are you guys going swimming all the time? What does a sista have to do to get a hookup?