Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doing Something Right

With a newborn and three kids running around acting like hellions, most of the time I feel like this mothering thing is a wasted effort. I feel like I'm yelling at the other three or getting on to them ALL DAY LONG for not picking up, fighting, getting into the food, leaving messes, yelling and screaming, etc etc. I hate it. Lately I've been feeling like my job as a mother is failing and my kids aren't learning a SINGLE thing I'm trying to teach them.

THEN, I have a day like today that makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

When I drop Jake off at his Magic Camp and he runs to the door, and swings it open quickly because he sooooo excited about being there and then he stops. There's a little girl coming from the other direction so he waits there with the door open instead of rushing in and letting it shut in her face, letting her in before him. I wasn't there to tell him to keep it open like I usually am. Did he hear my voice in his head? Did he actually remember?

When I came downstairs and saw the 5 sweaty and extremely hot men working on the pool and then I noticed 5 water bottles on the patio table. I assumed my mom did it, but then Kora tells me SHE did it. No one told her to. No one asked her to get them something to cool off. No one even mentioned how hot they must be. She thought of giving them water on her own, and so she did it. Has she seen me do something like this before and remembered it?

When I'm washing bottles and Miah tells me he wants to help. Even though there's really nothing he can "help" with, he crawls up onto the counter and unscrews each bottle so he can hand me each bottle and nipple individually. Has he heard my complaints about cleaning the bottles?

It's days like these that gives us mothers that extra boost we need to keep on TRYING. It may seem like our efforts are wasted because we're always yelling and getting frustrated, but when we aren't around, their actions prove that they DO listen. I love my heathens, even though they make my hair fall out, they sure are super.


Tara said...

Oh Jess, that is the SWEETEST post! I have been so busy and stressed lately, I do not think I have stopped to notice those sweet little acts my kids are doing every day. Thank you for being such a wonderful mother and friend, (reminding those of us who need to be reminded to appreciate our children every day). You are a good example Jess, and of COURSE you are a fabulous mother!!! duh ;)

redheadsmom said...

your kids are so cute! See, you are making a difference. Keep it up!

The Burrup's said...

Please do, and I hope you are OK with me adding you as well. Keep in touch.


Valinda said...

*cough*REALLY BUSY*cough* Your kids are super cute! I hope my kids do things like that when I'm not around.

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for successful feeling moments!

Lindsay said...

i love this.. especially that part about kora because i know when i was little and strange men would be outside working in the yard... there's no way in HELL i would talk or even look at them. what a brave girl. and i love that jake's going to magic camp... that's so sweet and nerdy and totally jake. And then of COURSE miah is always making my heart melt with his little mexican eyes... hahah. i love my kids..er.. i mean YOUR kids.

Unknown said...

They're so cute! I love those days, too. Mine are little Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hydes. One day, ANGELS, next day, HEATHENS!