Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10 Pet Peeves

I had been thinking about doing a post like this for awhile because I would be out and see random things that annoyed me. I started to gather so many thoughts in my head that they became a post of their own. Now I'm here to share...

1. Bad Teeth - I can't stand when people have unbelievably bad, crooked (or even missing) teeth. Really yellow, or brown or even the ones with cream colored plaque just coating them. YUCK, I can't stand it. I tend to look more at a person's mouth and teeth when they talk to me instead of their eyes so if they have bad teeth I just wanna puke. This picture is a little extreme, but you get my point. And the hairs around this dude's mouth make me feel uncomfortable, kinda like I'm not looking at a mouth...yikes.. (Thanks enos for letting me use a picture of your mouth. Now I know why you want to be a dentist.)

2. Nose Hairs - Oh my gosh...I'm so obsessed with this one and paranoid that I may be one of those people who have a wandering nose hair. As much as it pains me, tweezing my nose hairs or just making sure they are well groomed is part of my daily makeup routine. I can't stand when I'm close to someone and they have one random nose hair peeping out around the side of their nose. Blah.

3. Drivers that are oblivious - You know those drivers who have no clue and don't care to have a clue about anyone else on the road? They normally drive about 20 miles UNDER the speed limit and when you pass them they are staring straight ahead off in some la la land. They're usually (not all the time, but MOST of the time) really old Asians driving some sort of Honda or a bunch of Mexicans in a tiny old truck that don't wanna get pulled over because they aren't completely legal. I've heard that Texas has a lot more of these drivers than other places. Not to offend, I love all races honestly, but you can't help the obvious.
4. Annoying repetitive questions and phrases - It's the same thing I get everywhere I go. The ones that pertain to my kids are... Are these all yours? You sure do have your hands full! Looks like you have a lot of helpers there! You don't look old enough to have 4 kids! Are you done? And then the annoying questions about Austin's military and career that the same people ask me over and over again. If they REALLY cared to know, they wouldn't have to keep asking... So what does Austin do in the military? Did he enlist? Is he actually practicing law? Where will you go next? Are you excited? So what is he doing right now? Is this boot camp? I don't mind when people ask one time, but once I give you the answer to these questions, store them in your mind so you don't have to KEEP asking me.

5. Smacking - UGH, this one drives me MAD. I get on to my kids about it all the time because the sound of someone smacking when they eat totally drives me NUTS. Doesn't anyone have any manners anymore? Chew with your freakin mouth CLOSED.

6. Feet touching feet - Sounds odd, I know but I cannot stand feeling or even seeing bare feet touching bare feet. It hurts my teeth when I see or feel it. It's something about the bones on the top of your feet and the...I dunno, I can't even describe the feeling I get. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me. Austin will tell you that in bed, we can both be completely 100% asleep and his foot will make it's way over to mine and I'll jump and jerk my foot away even when I'm conked out. There's this Walmart commercial on right now and it shows a kid stepping on his mothers bare feet and every time it comes on I just cringe. *shiver* I couldn't even google to find a picture of this because the sight of it would make me feel faint.

7. Invasion of space - You know those people who have to be inches from your face to speak to you? They come right up to you and you almost have to cross your eyes to see them clearly because they are totally in your space. I hate that. It's so uncomfortable.

8. Chubby Cops - Shouldn't there be a weight limit for a job that requires you to serve and protect your fellow citizens? I am SO amazed at how out of shape and just down right chubby cops are these days. Don't they wanna be in tip top shape so they can maneuver easily and quickly? There really should be a requirement they have to live up to or like a yearly physical test that includes running and junk like that, ya know? The last person I want helping me when I get robbed is a chubby cop. Your really think the dude in this picture is gonna save someone?

9. Bad Toenails - More often than not, men are the culprit with this one. I think they tend to neglect grooming their toes because they don't want to come across as too girly, but trust me, girls APPRECIATE you taking care of your feet, please do so. This picture is totally nasty but if you google "bad toenails" there's another picture that pops up that is even MORE horrendous than this, if you can believe that. I couldn't put it on my blog, too gross. They looked like dead people toes.

10. Boogers - These don't annoy me as much as they do gross me out. It never fails, a booger will always bring a dry heave outta me. One time in church one of my kids had a booger on their finger (I think Kora) and I was uncontrollably gagging like crazy as I stumbled around in my bag desperately trying to find a kleenex or something to remove the booger from her finger. I ended up sending her to the bathroom to remove the booger herself because I could no longer control my gagging and I was worried more than just dry air would be coming up. I did contemplate for 1/2 a second, googling "booger", but then I remembered I just had a protein shake and didn't want to see it again here on the desk.

I'm sure I could think of many more things that irritate the crap outta me, but for now, lets just deal with these 10. There is ONE thing that NEVER annoys me and only brightens my day every time I look at him. It's baby Isaak, or as we've been calling him Izey (eye-zee). I could stare at this berry blossom all day long. He is absolutely, 100% DELECTABLE!!!! YUM!!!


Jess said...

Girl...I am so beyond grossed out! Those teeth and the toes...yikes!

Valinda said...

oh YUCKY! You gotta warn us the next time you ruin breakfast! Okay I gotta go brush my teeth, check my nose hairs and clip my toe nails, eww!

Anonymous said...

Gross!!!! Thanks for sharing those "lovely" pictures.

Unknown said...

Holy cow, those pictures are NASTY! I share many of your peeves, especially the teeth one. I also hate earlobe hair and unibrows.

redheadsmom said...

That blog really should come with a warning label!

raschel said...

I love your pet peeves. I agree with you 100%. I couldn't stand the toe nails, I caught sight of them and then had to keep the page scrolled to avoid looking at them, especially since I was eating a banana with peanut butter...something about the thickness made me think of the peanut butter I was eating. GAG. They were so THICK and OLD and BARF. I wonder how a person like that cuts their toe nails b/c they seem extra thick...I pay attention to that a lot also. It bugs me when people wear flip flops and they need to trim their toe nails.

I also despise people who chomp on ice. AAHHHH. I want to scream at them.

Laura said...

ok. how did you find my scrapbook?
Seriously though, I almost puked at those. That first one is really disturbing and for some reason looks pornographic. Oh, and I took off my verification for you so you don't get carpal tunnel next time you want to comment. I may have to do my own list of pet peeves in the near future...#1 will be people who steal pictures of my feet and teeth to make fun of on their blog. haha.

Jana said...

disgusting ...teeth and toes!!! You gave me a fun idea for a blog on my own page! (similiar ... not copycat) I love your blog !!! check out mine ... gigglesismyname.blogspot

Jana from the o group!

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to give me nightmares?

Lindsay said...

okay... i'm so mad at you right now... do you know how often i check your blog? well... i won't be checking it again until you PROMISE me you've updated... i can't keep clicking over and seeing those nasty teeth at the top of the page... i'm fricken PREGNANT, woman!!! Even a speck of black plastic makes me think of boogers and scabs... jeez!.. but since i'm a good sister i read through the whole thing (whilst covering up the nasty pictures). Also... i have to say my top thing on this list is people who invade your personal space... particularly at the movie theater when there are PLENTY of seats but they pick the one RIGHT next to you... what the hell!!! leave me alone.. i already have a best friend!

David and Teresa said...

I love bugers, hairy noses, bad toenails, chubby police, space invaders and berry blossoms..........Not!! well at least not to the berry blossom. Chubby cops don't bother me too much because I am chubby and get really upset when people judge others by their chubby. Sorry Baby but it is true. We are all Heavenly Father's children...chubby or not. Love mother