Friday, June 13, 2008

To Do List and WHAT to do tomorrow???

Finally my list is down to 5 items that I can't do until the DAY before I go to the hospital - Wed.

1. I need to pack my bag - What do I put in this bag? I feel so lost. Not clothes, maybe a toothbrush and paste? I'll have my makeup for sure. Well, I guess I need something to wear home. I bought some Facial cleansing pads to use to wipe my face off so it doesn't feel yucky. I won't want to wash my hair there, but I'll wanna clean my body. But shower?? You know how I feel about showers. If not, read this - Maybe I'll just use the facial cleansing pads all OVER my body instead of just my face. Dang it, I should have bought a couple more packs.

2. I need to pre-register at the hospital - Is it still called PRE registering if you do it the day BEFORE you're supposed to be there? I might as well just register when I walk in on Thursday, right? It's not like I'll be in any hurry for my "cervical ripening" which is what they are calling it.

3. I need to shave - everything. Not that I HAVEN'T been shaving, I just need to make sure it's all fresh the day before I go. I feel kinda embarrassed knowing my father in law is reading this but oh well. At least he knows I take care of myself, right?

4. I need to get my toes painted - Kora and I are going to get pedicures together on Wednesday so our toes look fancy. Isn't it funny the things we feel we NEED to do before flashing half the world our business? Is it really going to make a difference if my toes are fabulous or not? To me, yes.

5. I need to pick up Jake's Scout shirt - We took it to the tailor to have his patches put on and it won't be ready until Wednesday. He has twilight camp the week following Isaak's birth so he needs to have that ready to wear before I go out of commission. I said, this is the LONGEST week in the history of weeks and each day feels like it's 72 hours instead of just 24. I can't sleep AT ALL at night. I lay there wishing Isaak were already here so I would at least have something to DO when I'm awake.

I'm dreading tomorrow. All we have planned is Jake's Jiu Jistsu class and if I don't plan something else after that, I'm going to go insane. Ideas? Should we go to the Surf N Swim in Garland for a few hours? But it's's gonna be crazy busy. Whatever we do it needs to last for hours because I don't want to come home and just SIT waiting for bed time watching the SAME Disney Channel sitcoms we've seen a kajillion times. BUT, it has to be something where I don't have to walk around a lot or use extended amounts of energy (or any at all). For one, I don't HAVE any energy left and secondly, I can't chance doing anything that would make Isaak come earlier than when he's planned.


Tara said...

What you need to do is take naps! You will not get any sleep for longer than a few hours from here on out, so take one or two naps during the day. Let the kids watch a movie, and go take a nap tomorrow, try to get two in. Seriously Jess, you need to gear up with your sleep! It needs to be on the top of your list! This kids will survive, just start sleeping every chance you can, it's your last week to do it!

Camilla said...

My meager suggestions: the park (you can sit and watch while they run), followed by the a pool (you can get some pressure off your bones if you get in) then rent a movie and pop some popcorn.

Sandra said...

It's kinda weird knowing the date and time(ish) your baby will come. I had a planned induction with Lola and it was almost surreal that last week. The worst was that I couldn't sleep the night before, and I had to be at the hospital at like 3am, so by the time she was born (which was only like 2:30 pm ish - I'm too tired tonight to remember!), I was totally exhausted! Of course, I didn't get much sleep that night in the hospital either and I couldn't wait to go home the next day!

So go ahead and find some fun things to do with your 3! And at least try to get rested up for that whole giving birth and newborn thing.

I am really done having kids, but I'm a little jealous of you. Meeting one of your children for the first time is truly the most amazing moment of life! Aren't we blessed to be mothers?

Amanda said...

That's why P and I have been going to the pool like every afternoon. We do our errands or chores (whatever I feel like that day:) in the morning then go to the pool in the late afternoon.....stay till dinner time and then the day is done! It feels SO GOOD to float in the pool. I ended up getting a preggo swim suite from Target and it was the best $35 I have spent! Good luck at filling up your day!!!

raschel said...

If I don't wash my hair i'll look like I bathed in bacon grease...please tell me it's an option, if you don't mind showering with spiders?!!

I have many questions about your shaving comment, but since comments are global, I'll ask Lindsay to ask you if she doesn't already know. :)

I think a pedicure would be a lot of fun for you to pass the time...and having your toes pretty will feel nice.

I'm counting down the days with you. I can't wait!!!

Vagabond Mother said...

I had my bag packed haphazardly for a month or so. I was so strung out. I hate having babies. For some reason, even though you are totally exhausted and pregnant, you feel so micro-manag-eee.

I hate not having anything to do. . .

Unknown said...

I learned so much in this post!! It's funny because I HATE baths. I even refused to take the sitz baths after I had my kids. I think baths are gross. I haven't taken one in... well, probably since I was a kid! And I've never encountered a shower spider. Of course, I'm not very afraid of spiders, so maybe I did but it wasn't very memorable.

ANYWAY, I also can't even go one day without washing my hair. I have super oily hair and even by the end of the day I look a little greasy. I am very jealous of those lucky people who don't have to worry about that.

Also, I appreciate your commitment to personal grooming. I think the hospital employees probably also appreciate it.