Tuesday, June 10, 2008


1. Dr. Appt. tomorrow. Supposedly it's my last one but I'm not sure. The girl on the phone said it was so maybe she's right.

2. Found out I'll have to go to the hospital on Thursday the 19th at 5pm and stay overnight. Even though they won't actually induce me until 6am Friday morning they still want me there the day before. Weird huh? The last two times I was induced I had to be there right at 6am. Maybe since I'm early this is what they do. Austin's flight doesn't come in until 10pm on Thursday so I'm just gonna drive myself to the hospital and his dad will drop him off when he gets in.

3. Feeling sick at my stomach today, not sure why. Actually I DO have an idea. My mom makes these DEEEElicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and last night before she left for girls camp, she made them for us. I've been eating them like they're going out of style and usually when I eat too much oatmeal (cookies, gorilla poops, breakfast cereal) I end up having "issues" with my bowels. That must be it, I need to slow down on them. Either that or just finish them off so there aren't any more left.

4. I've been marking things off my to-do list like crazy and it feels great. I have about 7 more items to slash off but most of them I can't do until next week. Every time I mark about three more things off, I keep transferring my list to a clean note card so it's fresh and new. I love lists.

5. I sent off Austin's Father's Day gift yesterday and he should have it by Thursday but he's not allowed to open it until Sunday. He better obey!! I have pictures to post about it, but I won't be doing that until after Sunday - obviously!

6. Okay winners of my last contest - I sent ur prizes off yesterday too and you should have them by Thursday as well.

7. On Sunday I'm going to my sister Amy's house to spend a few days with her. She's going to take care of me and cook breakfast lunch and dinner for me EVERY single day, right Amy?? She's even gonna let me rest while she takes my kids to bunches of fun places, right Amy?? I think she even mentioned hiring a massage therapist to come to her house and give me hour long massages EACH day I'm there. She's really the greatest sister ever, I can't wait for her to pamper me!!


Valinda said...

I wanna come to Amy's house, Oh wait I'll be in Idaho with no flush toilet and possibly snow! Have fun!

Jess said...

Actually, I think Amy confused you with me. Sorry dear...but that massage treatment is for me! :)

I can't wait to hear all about your little munchkin...the time is almost here! Yay for you completing your lists...doesn't it feel so great!

Vagabond Mother said...

So close to baby-time! How great! I hope he has a wild head of hair too. I have a lot to do myself, glad I'm not pregnant.

Lindsay said...

what's that CRAP!! amy isn't the best sister ever!!!! I AM! Damn it all to hell. I wish IIII was getting a massage. that sounds really good right now. Oh the pain and discomfort i'm in for.

Amy Herfurth said...

OK, your pile of bricks bed outside is waiting for you...and your homemade dinners will come to the door in 30 minutes or less so don't forget to tip him...and your massage is Cali walking all of the bed while you try and sleep. And if you think I would ever go out of the house with 5 kids by myself your crazy!! Hope that makes things more clear for you! :)
Can't wait!