Sunday, June 29, 2008

A list of junk to update you

1. I'm copying a list of junk about Isaak because Amanda did a list of junk about Liam. It was so informative and I enjoyed hearing how he's doing in comparison to my little guy (they are only one day apart) I thought I'd do an update as well. (thanks Amanda!)

2. As far as sleeping I've been VERY blessed to have a good baby this time. During the day he eats about every 3 hours and sleeps about 2.5 hours in between the feedings. After he eats he will usually spend about 20-30 minutes up just staring at me or loving me. hehe. At night, he will sleep anywhere from 2-4 hours at a time. He used to sleep in his boppy next to me or surrounded by pillows, but one time I kept him right next to my chest on my body pillow and he ended up sleeping a LOT longer so we do that now. It feels SO nice to have this little person so close to me all night. When he wakes up, he of course wants to eat but then goes right back to sleep so that's been wonderful! BUT, like Amanda said, he is only 9 days old. I'm sure things will change.

3. Poundage. Let's see. I topped off at 183 and I'm at 165 now so I've lost 18lbs in 9 days. Amanda is beating me by one pound but she's also a day ahead of me so hopefully I'll lose that other pound tomorrow *wink*

4. Don't really wanna dwell on this subject, but as most of you already know, I have decided not to boob. I'm still a crazy ball of raging hormones so as much as I wanna say I'm not sad or guilty, it really just depends on the day. I did pump the first 3-4 days and I feel good that he got the colostrum plus some yummy milk, but other issues played into my trying (which I won't go into) and I think it's best FOR ME that I don't do it. I know Isaak will be healthy no matter what, look at my other three beautiful children that were ALL formula fed. We all have different issues, different bodies and different situations and for me, I choose not to. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

5. The belly button. Gosh this thing makes me shiver. I can't stand it. Why is it still hanging on?? It'll be 10 days tomorrow and I could have sworn Jake and Kora's fell off within a week. Why is it forcing me to stare at it every time I change his diaper?? Bleh...

6. The circumcision. So they didn't use the plastibell technique like they did with Jake. At first I was shocked and worried but things seem to be okay so far. I can't wait for it to be healed completely so I won't have to worry about it anymore. Boys and their things...why?!

7. This one's gross so don't read it if you don't want to. Earlier this week I started peeing blood and freaked out so I went to my Dr. only to find out I had a bladder Also, my one stitch was beginning to look infected so I'm on meds to clear both of those things up. I was having pain initially, but since being on meds I've been alright. I have to go back to the doctor on Thursday for my two week check up instead of six weeks because she is worried about my history of post partum depression. I only had it with Jake but I think a lot of it had to do with the boobing issue and some personal things that were going on in my life at that time. With Kora I was fine, regular emotional self for a few weeks but that's it. This time I feel a TINY bit more emotional than what should be normal but I'm sure it has to do with our family's situation. When I went in for my infection she mentioned to me she was concerned about me and my situation and I immediately broke down bawling in the room. How pathetic am I? I ended up sobbing my eyes out (undressed from the waist down) hugging my doctor who I'm SURE felt uncomfortable but was only doing what she thought I needed. I can honestly say that 10 years ago I would have never pictured myself in that situation or would have enjoyed BEING in that situation, but at that moment as I was hugging her, I was so thankful that she was there and that she cared enough to show me. She may have been my Dr., from a different background, a different situation, but mother to mother, we both knew what I was going through and it felt nice.

8. Austin comes home on Thursday night for 4 days and I am SOO looking forward to the little break. It will be his last visit home until he's done in November but I will be making a trip there on Labor Day and that's all :(


redheadsmom said...

hey, I am Valinda's SIL (her favorite). My daughter's umbilical cord didn't fall off for 21 days, so I totally understand! It is disgusting for sure!

redheadsmom said...

Wow! you're losing the weight fast, keep up the good work! Seriously you can call and sob at me. :)Take deep breaths and only think about the next hour of each day, don't bite off more than you can chew! BTW my SIL is one of your blog stalkers and she's cool.

redheadsmom said...

and I'm a dork and forgot i'm signed in under her name still - Valinda

Vagabond Mother said...

I got a bladder infection after Henry too- it took me awhile to figure out what it was and it was hellish. Glad you are getting things under there under control.

Henry's belly button still looks funny. He doesn't mind it. Yet.

Thanks for filling me in on Lindsay. I suspected as much.

Sandra said...

Jessica! Here's the page on that site that gives you wrap directions. Just click on the link that says "the front cross wrap"

It's kind of a hard site to navigate, but if you explore, you'll find loads of good information.

Ok, now I'll go read your post.

Sandra said...

Ok, try this. It's a link to the actual page:

Tara said...

None of this is gross, not really, it's just REAL. :) Good job on the weight Jess, see, it's not so bad! I hope his good sleeping keeps going through the next few weeks, remember, (or not, I didn't), they sleep A LOT during the first two weeks, THEN their true colors come out. hehe. But I'm SURE your little guy will remain an angel. :) He is just too perfect! I hate infections too, (doesn't everyone?), that's why I had to stop the boob with Eddie, infections suck after giving birth. I feel for you!

Also, I left a comment on Sandra's blog about the stretch nylon fabric, it's the kind Lindsay and I were hunting for, it's the best in heat. I learned a different way to make wraps than the one on mamatoto. I just asked Mica's sister-in-law if she would mail me her other "half" of her wrap, or mail it directly to you, so you can try out the "half" version like Sandra is talking about, and my "full" version. There are probably pros and cons about both. I will try to give Lindsay the rundown on both, or you can call me when you are trying stuff on. Also, in addition to the site Sandra gave you, try I think their site is awesome, and has a whole section of instructions you can print out. That's what I did, and made a little book. I'm hunting through my stuff to find my "book" to send with the wrap, cross your fingers for me!

Man Jess, talk about having a support network of girlfriends! You just ask for advice and you get TONS of it! Jeez, you are a poplular gal! I covet the volume of comments you get woman! You rock!

Unknown said...

Love this post!