Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Junkety Skunk

1. I know it's been a while since posting and I'm sorry. I've been feeling a little blah (not sick) about being alone and pregnant STILL. I know I shouldn't complain because I still have time left but you get to a point where you feel like you just can't go on anymore and I reached that point yesterday.

2. Fortunately, I went to the Dr. today and have found a renewed sense of courage. I told her the situation about Austin ONLY being able to come if the baby is induced on ONE particular day. I was ridiculous in there, crying because I'm pregnant and nervous about asking her to induce 9 days before my due date. Thanks to LOTS of prayers, she agreed so baby Isaak's birthday has now been set...JUNE 20th! WoW. It's amazing how much better a date can make you feel. I changed my ticker to reflect a REAL countdown so even though it's a week ahead, the amount of days left are true - 16 days - can you believe it? Unless this little booger pulls a fast one on us all and comes before then. Which, if that happens, I will DIE because plane tickets will have already been bought and it will completely upset me! (pray that doesn't happen). Yay!! Yay!! Yay!! I'm so excited!

3. Today I played with my friend Jessica (she has a great name, no?) and her three boys that are ADORABLE! We met for a last minute lunch at McD's and I PIGGED OUT on fries and TWO cokes because I didn't gain a single pound the last two weeks. I think I deserve it, don't you? I've been trying hard to watch my eating the last few weeks. I know, I know...a little late to be food conscious after already gaining over 40 lbs but least I AM trying.

4. Tonight I'm playing with two MORE friends because all of our husbands are gone (theirs not as long as mine, but hey). I'm looking forward to chatting and chilling out.

5. Remember how I told you we decided Austin would come HERE for Labor Day so the kids won't miss him too much between July 4th and November? Yeah...not happenin. I'm going THERE for Labor Day because I DO want to be selfish and have my time with him without little people hangin all over him at the same time. With this last visit the kids wouldn't let he OR I get a word in or a second alone so we changed our minds. Some kids have fathers in Iraq and they NEVER get to see them for much longer periods than 4 months, right? I think they'll be super sad and jealous that I'm leaving them to see Dad for a few days, but they can handle it, they'll have to.

6. I have what feels like a never ending "to-do" list before the baby comes and I'm starting to get a little nervous about achieving it all. I HATE getting my oil changed and getting my car inspected and I have to do BOTH of those some time next week. People keep offering to help me out, but really everything I need to get done, I have to do MYSELF. You know how that is.

7. I'm burned again from the pool yesterday. I talked to my friend Dena asking if there was some secret rule about being preg and being in the sun that I didn't know about. DO you burn more easily or what? I'm not usually a burner at ALL, I tan pretty well the first time or burn just a bit and then don't have a problem with it for the rest of the summer. This year I've already had my SECOND severe burn and that's WITH using sunscreen. What the crap?

8. I'm getting my haircut on Saturday and I'm REALLY excited about it. I can't wait. I'm going for a little more bang than we discussed earlier but only because my hair is pretty thin and if my bangs aren't thick then they just look stringy and scraggly. Here's a picture of exactly what I want (or maybe just a TEENSE longer on the bang, but not much). I already have these crazy layers, I may need a few more on the top since it's been about 6 months since my last cut. And even though my hair is already about this length and I love it, I'm gonna have to take off about 2 inches because it's yucky, dead and split on the ends. I figure, if I don't like the bangs they're just hair and they'll grown out just like another layer. I've always been such a bang hater, but I saw some old pics of me at Kora's 1st bday when I DID have bangs and I realized that I looked decent in almost EVERY view and angle which is VERY rare for me. I attributed the decent pics to the bangs covering my mile high forehead. With these bangs I can do straight down like shown, over to the side, or up in a piggy with bangs and some side pieces out being their own little hairdo. Tell me what you think...or don't if it's negative. OH, and if you can guess who this is, I'll give you a...hmm...something. I'll decide later. Lindsay, you're not allowed to guess because I already told you.

9. I only WISH I could go with this darker color. I've always wanted to have darker hair but the up-keep will be more than I can bear (more beer?) with 4 kids so I better stay color free like usual. (If you know what movie "more beer?" is from, I'll give you something else.)

10. Is it spam season or what? Just sitting here the last 30 or so minutes I've received SIX spam emails in my INBOX...not even bulk. How do I keep getting these? Let me tell you what they are: Cash Advance - $1500 by fax, Relationships - Start dating now, Pro-Online Business - work from home, Costa Rican Living - life couldn't be better, Online dating - join today for a free trial, Browse 4 singles - join today! What's up with all that? Where are they finding me??


Camilla said...

I love the hairstyle. I wish I could copy it...darn culy hair I have. I'll swap ya?

Vagabond Mother said...

Maybe the happy rainbow is spamming you back.

Is that girl Jennifer Aniston?

My hair is not human. I made Lindsay touch it last week, even after a haircut. She was terrified.

Amanda said...

LOVE the hair:) I am sure it will look awesome on you:) YEAH for a date:) I hope all goes perfect with that and that Austin gets to be here for the birth!

Tara said...

Ok, How awesome is that with the baby!?! SO cool that you got a date!!!! 9 DAYS!!! Seriously, you are so lucky, I have never heard of them enducing that early, maybe a week, but that's the max. And hubby gets to be there, SOOO GREAT!!! Yeh, that stupid to-do list, I feel for ya! But soon it will be over, and you will have no choice but to let everything go, not worry about a thing, and just chill with a sweet little baby for a few weeks in recovery. (I think you will be impressed at how the kids take care of themselves during the first few weeks of recover. It's like they are so excited, they turn into helpful angels, at least right at first when you really need it.) I love you hair too, makes me wish I could have sexy hair. I have the short, "don't mess with a strict mom" hair. :) And don't worry about the weight, I gained 46 with Eddie. You will be fine, but I know how it feels, and seriously, it does pass and you will get yourself back to some form of what you were. (you just have to be happy with fitting in some of your old clothes, even if they fit differently, since a third one seems to make things shift. I eventually got down to a weight less than what I was before Eddie, and things just fit differently, it was odd, but I learned not to complain and just be happy with what I could get. :) You will too, so don't stress about it too much. Ok, I will end this book, talk to you later!

Lindsay said...

Beauty and the Beast... is "more beer?"... and the response is, "what for, nothing helps." I should get bonus points for that last part. and yes.. i love the hair. I think it will look cute because if IIII had long hair we'd have the same haircut and i look good with MY bangs... i never understood why you thought you looked bad with bangs when i look MUCH better with mine. I mean come on... we're practically the same person. Except i've got a little Amy in me too.

Lindsay said...

ps. there should be some sort of limit on Tara's comments... shouldn't there? HA.

Unknown said...

YAY!! A DATE!!! How freaking exciting!!

Is that girl Demi Levato (have no clue how to spell it).

LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair. Can't wait to see pictures of yours. I wish mine were slightly darker with more texture. It's booooring.

Valinda said...

Beauty and the Beast!!!I saw Sandra's fabulous wigs and her very talented husband in the Musical last night. I'm glad the date is set and yes i think your kids will survive. Good Luck!