Thursday, June 5, 2008

A bunch of stuff

Congratulations to Sheriece for guessing Demi Lovato! Btw, Camp Rock premieres June 20th at 7pm Central which I'll be watching in my hospital room with NO interruptions!! Can't wait.
Also, Lindsay you guessed correctly about Beauty and the Beast (Valinda?? I was hoping you'd get this!!) and the quote "More beer?".
Both winners need to email me your address (even you Linds cuz I don't have your new one) and you'll receive your FABULOUS prize shortly! (don't get too excited)
On Tuesday we went swimming with friends and Miah and Zane enjoyed their boy time in the little pool while Kora and Kamy were big girls in the big pool. Aren't these some handsome dudes? Amazingly they are about a year apart and almost exactly the same size, Zane being the younger.

Here's Miah practicing his new trick for the season - blowing bubbles. The past couple of times we've gone swimming he's been a little braver. He even let Pops HOLD him in the deep water on Memorial Day weekend and was asking ME to hold him this last time (but I wasn't swimming, only wading). That's big for him. I'm sure by the end of the Summer he'll be jumping back in like last year only to regress all over again for NEXT Summer.

I told you about my blotchy weird burn, right? Here it is. It looks like I only sprayed sunscreen in this ONE spot and didn't rub it in at all. Not true, first of all, I wasn't using a spray one. Secondly, I rubbed it ALL OVER my legs. I don't know how this happened.

At my last doctor visit to Medical City I noticed these new signs and love them. Why 11? Why not 10? It seems like an odd number doesn't it? I kinda like that.

Today was Jake's last day of school for the Summer and while we waited to pick him up in the office for early dismissal (because we promised him we would) Kora tried to read Miah a book.

Jake also got several awards during the awards ceremony this morning.
He received:
1. The A Honor Roll Award
2. A Citizenship Award for exemplary behavior
3. The Chick-Fil-A Courage Award
and in their classroom they each got individualized awards and Jake's was...
For being so much fun to be around!


Tara said...

I had strange skin reactions during this last pregnancy too. I'll tell ya, that third pregnancy does a number on your body, but it's worth it of course. The doctor told me I could be more sensitive to the sun, and certain lotions. So you could have a reaction from the sunscreen and your skin is extra sensitive to sun. I had strange dry skin issues, breakouts, dandruf, irritated skin, some earrings gave me infections, etc. It was just annoying. Write anything odd during pregnancy to being pregnant, that's my humble and unprofessional oppinion. It will be over soon, and you will feel like you have your body back in no time, minus the boobs if your nursing. :)

Laura said...

Ah ha I found you. Dee (you can call her that now, it's official) told me you had a blog so I googled your booty. So when you write something naughty about me I'll be able to read it.

Valinda said...

I get burn/rashes like that even when I'm not pregnant. Way to go Jake!

raschel said...

I love that Miah is getting more brave in the water. That's fun to watch. I can't decide whether your legs should itch or burn. Regardless. OUCH. I love the speed limit sign, but even more, I love that you took a picture of it. It's so much more fun to read with a picture for proof. YAY for Jake and the awards! How exciting!

Lindsay said...

I must say.. it DOES take a lot of courage not to eat chik-fil-a.... because it's so delicious. I had it just two days ago... I'm so glad we live by one now. :) And also... i'm so proud that Jakob's such a favorite. What a great kid. And then one more comment... wow.. that woman's accent is SUPER STRONG.

Lindsay said...

oh wait.. i forgot to make a comment about the 11 mph speed limit. I love it. It makes me feel like someone like us decided the speed. It makes the hospital more relate-able.

Vagabond Mother said...

I really want to have an awards show now. REALLY WANT TO. To bad all my best friends are people I've never met and talk to on the internet. Maybe I'll do an "Awards" post.

I think your skin condition is called leprosy. You'll need to buy some gauze.

I'm selling junk and I'm thinking about making everything an odd price, like the speed limit. I think I'd be 11 mph if I was a sign.