Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wake Up Princess Beauty!

Here it is Lindsay and Enos...the morning Princess Beauty ritual. Looks like this morning will be a good one because the Princess didn't bark at him when he was waking her. PHEW! He gets a little camera shy when he's put on the spot as you can see, which is why I had to remind him to say it! He's a good little bub though, always brings her the morning soy soy so she doesn't start screaming downstairs for it!! (sorry it's so dark, the lights were still out)


Vagabond Mother said...

Miah needs to wake me up too! What treatment!

Jess said...

OMG! I just want to hug that kid! He is way too cute! What sweetness!

I read your post a few days ago where you first talked about Miah waking Kora with, "Good Morning Princess Beauty" and the very next morning I was awakened by Marc with, "Good Morning Beautiful!" I think he wakes me this way every morning, but I am a crank in the mornings and never paid close attention to it! Instead, I usually roar with..."5 more minutes of sleep!" See what you have to look forward to with Kora! :)

Lindsay said...

hehe :) I LOVE this. thanks for recording it for me!!