Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Poo blah...

1. Today it's raining and blah and I feel down. I don't wanna go anywhere or do anything. Did anyone see my new Jamie Lynn post down there? I'm worried she was overlooked.

2. We found out that Austin will be home for Memorial day weekend to do Jake's Baptism so that's only 17 days away :)

3. I have my first appointment with my new doctor tomorrow and I'm excited to MAYBE talk about making an inducement date?!?!?!?! Am I jumping the gun or WHAT?! haha

4. I'm aiming for June 20th for inducement. That's one week before my due date and on a Friday which is what I need so Austin can possibly be at the birth. Cross your fingers that his commanding officer will let him off on Friday so he can fly home Thursday night!! Oh PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!! That's also my friend Natalie's birthday so it just seems right! *wink*

5. I'm eating hand shaped meat sandwiches right now. Kora loves meat and cheese sandwiches, but ONLY if I cut them out with a cookie cutter shape. Today she picked hands.

6. Miah's new favorite cartoon is "American Dragon - Jake Long" He always sings the song at random times, it's cute.

7. Jake just started taking jiu jitsu classes here in Rockwall. He's been wanting to start this since last Fall but we never got him signed up. Grandpa Keith is paying for the classes as a gift to Jake which I thought was beyond nice. Jake LOVES it and he's only gone once!! He keeps counting down the days before he can go again. He goes on Wednesdays and Saturdays so at least he doesn't have to wait a week between each class.

8. When I picked up Miah from nursery at church on Sunday, the teacher said, "I need to tell you what Miah did." It was in a stern voice and she had a serious face so I was thinking "oh great..." Normally I'd be irritated at Miah before even hearing what he'd done because he has a tendency to be a little terd to other kids. BUT, not this time. He's been SO good this week about everything and with all that's gone on, I wasn't ABOUT to start feeling angry with him. She told me he grabbed a kids neck and pushed him up against the wall, kinda pinning him, for no reason. I said, "did he hurt the kid?" she said no. "did you talk to him about it?" she says yes. I said, "did he apologize?" she says yes. Okay then...what's your point? She said, "I just want to know if YOU have any idea of WHY he would do something like that?" I'm burning up inside with anger at this dumb lady. I said, "uhmm....because he's 3?" I mean, what the crap? What does she want me to say? "We practice choke holds at home at LEAST several times a day to make sure we can hurt someone if we want to." Oh how about, "You know his dad is a Marine right? Well we train our kids to be killing machines, haven't you heard?" Or maybe, this..."ya know, his dad's been gone a full week and he really has NO clue why he isn't coming home so maybe he's a LITTLE freakin frustrated and that kid just so happened to be the one he took it out on." Is that better? Is that the answer you want? I wanted to grab HER neck and slam her up against the wall for being so stupid about the whole thing. He didn't even hurt the kid. And from Miah's story, he tells me that kid was pushing him so maybe SHE needs to pay a little closer attention and get her story straight before she starts freakin out...THEY'RE KIDS WOMAN!

9. I was already mad before this happened and this just made it worse. Some lady I've been annoyed with since high school (she was my first seminary teacher and she hated my sister so naturally, I didn't like her) came up to me in the hall saying, "I thought you already had that baby!" I looked down at my stomach..."uhh, apparently not." She said, "It's soon right?" I said, "No, I've got about 8 more weeks left." She goes, "WHAT?!?! (staring at my belly) are you sure you don't have more than one in there?!!" I gave her a "go to hell" look and said, "I gotta go."

10. Some people can be SO rude. Seriously. This lady isn't the thinnest woman on earth and I could have said a LOT more to her but I didn't. I bit my tongue...why couldn't she?

11. I know I sound like the rudest person ever. I'm not really. I'm just a pregnant single mother at the time. And I love everyone at church, maybe I don't like them, but I love them :)

12. Roscoe is being bad because I think he misses Austin.

13. Yesterday I went to Old Navy, bought several items for Jake, paid and then left. Afterwards we went to pickup some meds, had dinner, etc. When we got home I told Jake to be sure to carry in his bag from Old Navy...oh wait, I didn't GRAB the bag when we left Old Navy. Nice. We had to go all the way back and get it, thankfully they had set it aside for us. My brain cells are vanishing by the second.


Vagabond Mother said...

I just don't get rude pregnant comments. Seriously,pregnant women are on the edge all the time, why do people have to push them off? I think you and I would get in more fights than Lindsay and I do. We almost got in a fight with some people Friday at the movies. Oh, we wouldn't fight with each other though, I don't stare at pregnant women's bellies. I stare at their breasts.

I have a small dream to go to Dallas on the 4th of July to see Andrew's sister.

Amanda said...

I ditto what Janae said about pregnant women! I am feeling like I just want to lay in bed today and read my book! I hope Austin can be at your birth!!!! I never even considered that they would not let him off!!!!

Tara said...

I'm sure they will let Austin off. And you are not rude at all. I am SO glad you take a stand now and then. I wish I could have done that more when I was pregnant, I think I would have felt more satisfied instead of always wishing I had said more and stood up for myself. Good job! I'm not sure about the nursery thing though, she should have been watching better, or at least said she didn't see what had happened first and mentioned that there might have been something from that other boy. During the 5 TIMES I have been the nursery leader, I would make it a point to tell the parents about EVERYTHING that was a bit beyond normal play, just so they were informed. But I also made it a point to keep the blame out of it, and simply inform parents what happened, and not say is was so and so who started it, but just love all the kids and keep parents posted. I wish I was Miah's nursery leader. It would have been my first thought that he needs some extra attention and love because he is probably feeling confused with his dad gone. I mean, it makes perfect sense. How old is his nursery leader and does she have ANY parenting experience? I want to see more of your pregnant self btw, so if your not going to post pics, send me some my email. I sent you my most horrid of all horrid self pics at the worst time of my life, so come on, at least send me some pics of you in your cute pregnant outfit?

Valinda said...

Go ahead and speak your mind. You gotta get it out somewhere or you might just explode! I'll keep my fingers crossed that Austin can make it to the baby's big arrival. Yeah for Jake! Have you sent your invitations yet? ;)

Unknown said...

Wow. People really can be rude. Good for you for taking the high road. YAY about A coming home in a few short weeks!!

Amy Herfurth said...

I knew we didn't go to seminary for a reason...to get back at her for her stupic comments!!! Im with you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
You cracked me up. you are so funny about every experience you wrote about. I really enjoying reading your blog. I think of all the bloggers that I know, yours is funny for me and interesting to read and does not bore me. I think you are quite a writer girl friend. I am so sorry that everything has happened so fast, I didn't even know that Austin is gone, but I am glad that your family is there for you, and I know it's the right thing/decision for you to stay here than to go with Austin for this short period of time. It works out better. Be patient, and be of good cheer, Heavenly Father is watching out for you. I am so glad Austin is coming home for Jake's baptism. Ok, about the nursery thing, that was so funny how you wrote it. Also, I want to tell you that I have a friend that told me straight to my face that Tiffani is a bully and a brute because Tiffy was yelling No to her baby. But guess what? her baby was coming after Tiffy for the toy she was playing and of course a 2 year old instinct would be to protect her toys and yelling at her so she wouldn't come near her and take away her toys. You know what, people are really so freaking rude that I almost wanted to tell them don't you know anything about children???? you have four of your own. Good grief!!!
Anyways, I am glad I could vent it out since you did too!!! Let me know when baby arrives, did you get some outfits for the baby?

Marie Tan

Lindsay said...

UH.. that woman makes me SO mad... what the hell is her problem? does she not HAVE any kids? Maybe that's why she doesn't get it... oh WAIT.. i dont have any kids and IIII get it. What a grade A moron... sorry... i've been at work too long and i'm getting tired.