Thursday, May 22, 2008

I wish I had more to talk about...

...but I don't.

1. Austin comes home tomorrow!!! WOOOO FREAKIN HOOOO!! It's been 4 LooooooooNG weeks, I can't believe I've made it this long. When he leaves on Monday, the next section of waiting will be 6 weeks long so I hope I've built up my stamina for a longer period apart. Each time will get a little longer because after THAT visit (the baby visit as I call it) the next visit won't be for EIGHT weeks. Yikes, that makes me nervous but I feel like if I can make it to that visit, then it's all down hill from there. I just have to break it all up like this and take it as separate chunks at a time so I won't get too stressed and sad.

2. I think we figured out that instead of ME visiting HIM in September, he will come here for his 4 day weekend he gets for Labor Day. We had originally planned on me doing that visit with the baby and leaving the other kids here, but when Jake found out that he wasn't going to see dad from July 4th weekend until November, he got really upset and stressed. I couldn't handle seeing him so sad and I started to feel like I was being selfish by keeping that visit all to myself. SO we changed the plans to have him come HERE again and then I'll go THERE with the baby for our alone visit in October for his 4 day weekend on Columbus Day. Phew...did you get all that? Then when we graduates in early November, the whole FAMILY will drive up there to hang for a week or so.

3. We'll find out our duty station about a month before he graduates and our plan for THAT is to spend the time from Nov-Jan visiting that new place and finding a place to live there. Austin will go with us to move everyone in, get settled and get the kids back in school and then at the end of January, he'll have to finish 9 more weeks of training in Rhode Island and we'll stay in our new place and wait for him to be done and join us in March. So many changes, huh? I'm excited though, I can't wait to get started with all this.

4. So Jake's baptism is on Saturday and I'm really excited! I know it's gonna be awesome and I can't wait to give him his new scriptures. Austin also bought him some kid size desert cammies for a baptism gift that are identical to his own and Jake is gonna LOVE em. Expect to see pictures of that!

5. I probably won't blog this weekend seeing that I'll be spending time with my long lost lover so don't miss me too much!

6. I got released from my calling last Sunday which was a nice surprise to me. On Mother's Day I had a total breakdown caused by a pile up of what seemed like 30 things happening all at once. I wanted to be on time, was trying to get the kids ready, making cookies for my YW, the kids were fighting over who was gonna give me my gift and when they were gonna do it, my cookies got burned, had to make more, which caused me to be late, sacrament was tearful, etc. etc. I ended up crying my eyes out just saying to myself (and any higher power that was listening) "I CAN'T DO ALL OF THIS RIGHT NOW!!" So I think I WAS heard and this is probably for the best. I would have ended up killing either myself or one of my heathens if I didn't get a break from something.

7. I had a doctor visit on Wednesday and all is still well. I had to get the Beta Strep test done (is that what it's called? Dena will make fun of me if I call it the wrong thing) so instead of my usual, just measure the belly visit, I had to strip from the waist down. Well, like usual, I had Kora and Miah with me and when I tell Miah to turn around while I undress he starts freakin out because he KNOWS this is not what we normally do at the baby visit. I think I've scared him by allowing him to watch all the TLC Baby Story shows and he was thinking this was THE DAY. He started saying (in a real shaky and nervous voice), "Mom? Uh doing? Mom? You okay? Mom? Baby coming out? Mom? I'm scared. Mom? I wanna hug you." It was funny. Kora was laughing because he was so worried about it coming out. By the time we left he started laughing like I had a pulled a joke on him or something.

8. Today at Chick Fil A, Kora and Miah were playing in the play area as I watched and these few girls who came together were really ganging up on Miah trying to scare him and make him cry. He can usually handle his own (hence the church nursery story) but for some reason this time he started crying. Then, those three girls come to me to tell me that Miah was trying to punch them when I KNOW 100% he wasn't because I was watching the whole thing through the glass and he's standing there crying. I was annoyed, but I tried to overlook it. I'm too big and round to be causing scenes in public places so I told them to go play nicely. Meanwhile, I look around for their moms and sure enough they are all enveloped in their OWN conversations (probably about all the money they have) and not paying the slightest bit of attention to their own bully girls. So Miah goes back in to play and they start doin it again to him. This time, they back him in a corner and I can see the tears filling his eyes when all of a sudden, SUPER KORA rushes down the slide and pushes the crowd of girls back to make her way next to Miah. She throws her arms around his neck and gives them this horrid face and then screams what appeared to be, "THIS IS MY BROTHER!" The girls don't back away, but rather get closer to try to mess with her too but little do they know she's a pistol and she's just WAITING for something to make her fire. She continues to scream at them and then pulls Miah away from the crowd and out to my table. She was furious when she came to me and said that those girls were telling Miah that they were going to cut his ears off. Which of course, would make sense as to why he was beginning to cry. Still, the oblivious mothers are chatting it up, showing off to each other and flaunting their fake boobs and noses all over the place. I wanted SO BADLY to go over there and say something SO HATEFUL but I didn't. We packed up and left and the mean girls in the play place sneered at us as we walked away. I really hate that. I hate when moms let their kids loose in places just to keep them busy while THEY talk amongst each other. At least glance at the kids every few minutes to make sure nothings goin down, am I right? I usually end up getting involved in conversations with my friends too, but as a mother, I have been given the wonderful talent of being able to listen to multiple conversations at one time and I use this talent frequently in cases like this. UUGGHH.

9. Can I just say I am SO happy that David Cook won American Idol instead of David butt hole lips (oops I mean Archuleta). I admit, Archuleta has talent, mega talent. But he's not what I would call an American Idol. I don't want his CD and I don't wanna go on the cruise ship that he'll be singing on. I think David Cook really REALLY has talent, he can perform like no other, and he has SO much charisma (regardless of what Simon says). He knows how to work the crowd and they love him (obviously *cough* 12 million votes MORE *cough*). I'm excited for his future!

10. Quickly, quickly...I need to take a video from the church library to play during Jake's baptism while he and Austin are getting back into regular clothes. Any ideas of a good one?? I need to know before 6pm on Saturday so hurry with this one.

11. Oooooh, I got my Lancome gift from Macy's the other day!! I love their gifts! Especially their Summer one because it's always a cute bag that I end up using the entire Summer when we go to the pool. You better get yours!!

12. Has anyone EVER done the airbrush tanning you can get done at a salon or spa? Not Mystic, it's the one that looks like it's in a paint thingy and a technician actually does it while you stand there and turn and twist and junk. I'm contemplating it because it will probably look better than a Mystic tan, but it's $40 for one session and I don't wanna spend that if it's not gonna last for at least a week or two. How long does it last? Please tell me it's not like the kind you buy at Kroger in a lotion that lasts for about 2 days. I tried emailing a local salon here that offers it but they won't email me back. I guess I could call, but I hate calling.


Unknown said...

1-5. WOO HOO!! I am so excited for you!

6. Sounds like someone was listening for sure!

7. Too cute! Poor guy!

8. GO KORA!! What a sweet little sister. I would have HAD to have said something but GO YOU for walking away.

9. Uhhhh...

10. No clue

11. Uhhhh...

12. Never did that kind, but my aunt had a very bad Mystic experience recently. There was some tanning stuff on the floor and she stepped in it and had dark brown soles and in between her toes.

Amanda said...

wwwoooaahhh! you have a lot going on girl! Good luck with the baptism this weekend...I can't wait to see all the pic's!

Valinda said...

I don't have any good movie suggestions. Maybe you should just have music playing. In my ward they pass around note cards for people to write on then they collect them into a notebook for the kid. If you send me the number and questions to ask I'll call the place. Have loads of fun with Austin!!!

Jess said...

Aw...I remember being the big sister always taking up for my baby brothers when other kids were mean! Somehow I scared them away...even though I am so not a bully or fighter!

I had the professional airbrush tanning done a month ago. It lasted for a week. LOVED it! It looked great.

raschel said...

1. I’m so excited for you that your hubby is coming home. You are handling all of this SO WELL. And you have the most positive outlook on it. I cry every time I read your posts about him because I think I’d be a mess if I were in your shoes, but you’re being so strong! I think it’s perfect that you break the time apart into weeks where you get rewarded by visits.
2.I was wondering about your “alone” time. Aren’t the kids in your room? So, without getting too personal, how does, er, that work? Do they go hang out with your parents so you can catch up? I’ve always wondered. Ok. That was personal. I’m uncomfortable. I think I’m nervous about my own ‘alone time’ with my husband once the baby gets here, especially as it gets older. I’m already getting selfish. I’m a bad soon to be mother.
3.I would be so ANGRY about the bullying children. I don’t know what I’d do! I’m going to try to take your example and walk away. That is probably the most Christian thing to do, because I think if I confronted the mothers, I’d end up causing a scene and teach my children bad words in all my anger. So, wow, ok…note to self…be like Jessica and be the bigger person. I love that Kora took up for him and dealt with the mean girls.
4.I’m happy Cook won too. I agree about Archuleta, he’s not the AI type. And, I hate that he closes his eyes all the time, pretends like he's going try cry/pass out when talking to the judges, and his right hand flails about like a dead fish as he sings. I love how humble Cook was too. He seems like a very deserving winner.
5.If you decide to do the tanning thing – post about it. I’m sick of being pale. Except, it makes me nervous that someone would be standing there seeing my fatness as they spray me. Have you done the mystic tanning before? How much is that? And, there is no reason not to do that during pregnancy, right? (do they require a dr’s note saying it’s ok?)Have you used a ‘do it yourself’ tan in a bottle? I’m too scared to b/c I’m afraid I’ll be orange, but if you’ve done it successfully, what have you used? I hate calling too. I wish everyone loved email. It’s so convenient. (Especially w/ RSVPs…I wish they always had an email address so I could avoid the awkward phone call – especially if you’re calling someone you don’t know).
Wow. I wrote a lot.

kay said...

hey again. i love reading ur post and the kind of strenth u have!

here's something i came across a few days back: i am putting it here so u feel good bout walking away from those mean girls:

I must be a Christian child
Gentle, patient, meek and mild;
Must be honest, simple, true
In my words and actions too...
Must remember, God can view
All I think, and all I do.

-Amish school verse

Have a gr8 time with ur hubby!! i wish u all the best!!
good luck and take care

-Keyomi (janae's frnd)

kay said...

sorry i misspelled "strength"!

Sandra Huntsman said...

Hey Jessica!

I have had airbrush tan and I think it lasted about a week, but I am WHITE as can be - it took 2 sessions about 3 days apart to even look like anything. But it was really cool to be tan for a while! Such a pain, though. You have to stand there all naked (I kept my panties and a boobtube on - I was NOT going to be naked) and it's COLD! Then you have to stand in front of the fan until you feel dry, but it always took forever and you can't shower for like 24 hours or something. But, it did look good. Anyway, that's my experience!

Anonymous said...

What is it with Chik Fil A and crazy situations?

Lindsay said...

i hope the baptism went well. The wedding did. it was SOOO busy and stressful but it's done now.. and hanging out with all the heinzens was actually really fun :) I miss you guys. I'm glad you got to have your Austin back for the weekend. :) I'll talk to you later.