Monday, May 26, 2008

Back to Virginia (pronounced: vee-jin-yuh)

Well, we took him back to the airport this morning and it was sad, but hopefully time will fly. Miah understood this time that Dad was leaving so he was upset and crying. Jake was trying to be tough but he had tears in his eyes and kept hugging Austin. Kora was Kora, trying to avoid the entire situation by being silly and making faces when Dad was trying to tell her goodbye. It's her own way of coping. I didn't think I would cry again but I forgot that I'm pregnant so yea...
Enough about the present, let's skip to the past! When Austin was here we all went to the pool on Saturday before the baptism. Miah was too scared to get in the big pool. I guess he's regressed since last year. We had him jumping in the deep pool and even putting his head under water back then. Now, he starts screaming and crying when Austin just HELD him in the big pool. It's annoying to me. I really cannot be patient about it, it just makes me mad. He freaks out like someone is trying to kill him or something and it drives me NUTS.

The two bigger terds swam in the big pool with Austin doing all sorts of tricks.

Here's one, for example.

After we swam, Jake was dead tired and HOT HOT HOT. He passed out on the concrete.

Floating beauty enjoyed her alone time. She always does.

Before we left for the baptism, I had Kora take a preg picture for me. Well not for me, for YOU all. Here's 35 weeks in my favorite color...BLACK. I've come to realize that every outfit I wear is black now because I feel so large in anything else.

Here's nervous Jake on the way to the baptism.

Miah wanted to take a picture of me and Koko and this annoyed her. I thought my face looked thinner than usual in this pic so I still posted it. Sorry Kora.

We had cake, cookies and ice cream after the baptism. We just grabbed them at Kroger, nothing too fancy, but it was patriotic. Jake seems to have a patriotic theme about his life anyway so it went well.

After the baptism the 4 dudes took a picture together. The only one NOT making an odd face is my Jake. OH, and after the baptism, when they closed the doors to allow Jake and Austin to go change, they didn't go change. They went BACK into the font and swam for a bit. Rebels.

My sweet cousins Emily and Michael and Chloe came to the baptism. It was SUPER nice of them to come ALL the way from Allen. Thanks cousins :)

Afterwards, Jake picked Chilis for us to grub at. He got a nice watch from Pops, Kim and Evan, scriptures from me and Austin...

And then his own digi cammies from Austin.

He LOVED the cammies and couldn't stop smiling.

Miah got a hold of the camera again and took another picture of Koko. She wasn't annoyed this time, only silly.

The next day, Kora, Austin and Miah cuddled up in the bed to watch Kora's FAVORITE episode of Hannah Montana. She specifically requested that Austin watch it with her because it was a new one he hadn't seen yet.

Then she gave herself a makeover because I gave her my mascara that I don't like anymore.

It was a nice weekend and it didn't fly by like I thought it would. Well, it DID, but not as bad as I thought. I had been wishing and hoping that each moment would be cherished and they were. Austin and I were able to sneak away on Sunday night to a movie and have a short but fun date just us two! OH and Raschel...if you'll look up at the preg pic of me, you'll see in the background that we have bunk beds and then another mattress on the floor where the kids sleep when we need "alone time" as you put it! *wink* Although, I must say that with a 9 month belly "alone time" is quite a task! Is that more than everyone wanted to know?


Tara said...

You are a CRAZY WOMAN!!! You look GORGEOUS!!!! I was seriously expecting your belly to be half the size of your body, your bootie to look like Carnie Wilson, and your face to be round like a pig. I mean, you look so beautiful! I bet Austin couldn't keep his hands off you! Anyway, congrats to Jake, that sounds like a wonderful weekend and very special. Man, Jess, I can't get over how lovely your look, your belly is so cute! And you do look stunning in black. You really look well proportioned, I wish I had had boobs like that, you look hot hot hot!

Unknown said...

You look amazing, Jessica! And what a fun trip.

Oddly, my kids regressed since last summer also. Pearson was jumping in alone (with someone catching him) and letting his head go under. But it only took him 3 days (and me forcing him once--I'm horrible) for him to be back where he was. I am the same way about being annoyed.

CONGRATS, Jake. I am so glad you all got that time with him. So precious.

Valinda said...

You look fantastic!! I'm so glad your super fun weekend turned out just how you wanted. Yay! For Jake, do you feel as old as I do? Did you ever find a movie for while they went swimming, er uh I mean changing? Good luck with the regressing kids. Mine don't swim enough to go backwards. :)

Amanda said...

YOu look AWESOME (and I am not just saying that!) What a FUN and special weekend that I bet you will all remember forever:) Congrats Jake for making the decision to be baptized....what a special day:)

Lindsay said...

You really do look cute pregnant Jessica. I have to say.. i'm not as nervous about it all anymore. I think i'll look alright (of course this is me withOUT any pregnantation we'll see). I love the picture of the boys together before the baptism... Austin's face looks so ridiculous... like he's handicapped or something... HAHA... i'm glad you guys had fun... and i'm glad Jake was able to enjoy his baptism. :) I'm so proud of you Jakob Lowe!!!

kay said...

u look very very preety. maybe u shud make a current closeup of your face as ur profile pic. :) u look gorgeous and i dont even know u! :) ur post was cute!

raschel said...

Leave it to me to ask the awkward questions. :) You are freaking GORGEOUS! Seriously! I LOVE the pic (and I'm not just saying that). I'm SO excited you got to see your hubby and it was great quality time. I love that Austin watched Hannah Montana w/ Kora, that is precious. I loved your picture diary and the stories. What a fun weekend for you guys!!

Vagabond Mother said...

Nine month sex is not cool unless it can start labor. Or something.

I'm glad you had such a great weekend. I'm glad you are a good-looking lady.

Sandra Huntsman said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's even harder to get "alone" time with 4 kids. But, eventually you'll figure it out. I hope. I mean, oh my gosh, PLEASE LET ME FIGURE IT OUT!

Ok, thanks for that.

raschel said...

Oh. and, your arms are so skinny...are you lifting weights? or is that just good genes? I'm jealous. Fatness has taken over my entire body...and i'm only 1/2 way. But, I DID buy myself some weights so I can exercise/tone my, if i'd actually USE them...

David and Teresa said...

well mawmaw was not in the pictures of the baptism but I did see her hand in one picture at
Chili's...oh well she was there even though it appears that she attends nothing that has to do with family. At least her name was mentioned that she was at the baby shower also. wonder all moms go to heaven as the book says.

David and Teresa said...

oh and not that i am bitter or anything but Michael and Emily's picture was even taken at the bitter? i am sure I am not. If it wasn't for me...(the mother of the mother of Jakob)....Jakob would not be here....but i am past it.....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of you also.