Saturday, May 3, 2008


Some of you may have noticed that I made some changes to my link lists on the side of my blog. I arranged them all nice and neat (like the closet). I also made a "Time Out" section for certain blogs that don't meet my blogging criteria. If you don't post often enough, you may find your blog listed here. A few of you listed in the "Family and Friends" section SHOULD be in time out, but since you're such CLOSE family (Jake, Paw Paw and Lindsay) I'll ALLOW you to stay where you are. Be careful though, I could change my mind any day.

We're going to the park today to meet some friends to play but that's not until 3pm so until then, I'll just be bored.

Miah DOES need a haircut, but it's always SO busy on Saturdays that I think I should just wait until Monday.

Today is my BiG sister Amy's birthday. She's old...32.

I got another truancy letter in the mail yesterday. Remember the day Jake missed for ralphing all night? Well he only missed one day but some how that made us go from 8 absent days to 10? Whatever. I'm so pissed with that.

Kora got a boil inside her nose and it looked horrible. It popped and oozed all over the place and has now created another sore type area on the outside of her nose. She won't let me get closer than 10 feet to it so I can't do anything about it. She scoops a dollop of medicine on it every morning and night which makes her nose look runny 24/7 but hopefully it'll help. I know I've had my fair share of boils (thanks to Austin and his Russian experience) so I know the pain she's feeling. Especially in such a sensitive spot like the nose. Poor baby.

Last night me and the kids packed up to go watch a free movie in the park. It was supposed to be super fun, we had blankets and candy and cokes. Little did I know my bowels had other plans for us that evening. While we were in Target getting the candy, I suddenly felt a rush of cold sweat and some major cramping. I leaned over the cart to breath through it and when I looked up, Jake was staring right at me. He said, "Mom, you don't look so good." I rushed straight to the Target bathroom, made Jake watch the cart, and threw Miah and Kora in the handicapped stall with me while I puked and did "other things" for a good 15 minutes. Poor Miah and Kora had to watch all of this from the confines of the stall and poor Jake had to wait outside the bathroom wondering if I had passed out or even died. Once I could stand up, I hurried out of the store with my three babies and into the car. I knew the park only had one bathroom which was outside and it wasn't very large. At least not large enough for all my kids to fit in it with me and there was no way I was going to keep running to the bathroom leaving my kids in the openness of a park. I told them we couldn't go. I felt horrible. I ruined the night. Kora started to complain and then Jake snapped back at her quickly, "Kora you need to just be quiet because what if YOU were throwing up and mom made YOU go to the park?" We went straight home and I got in bed. Jake was so sweet asking me if I needed anything. He also got a paper and pen and started to write down all my symptoms. He said, "I might need to tell the doctor what is happening so I better write it all down." He kept worrying that I was in labor. I assured him I was not, but he wouldn't let it go. I stayed in bed the rest of the night and thankfully the kids were able to enjoy the night by watching "Waterhorse" with my parents in the movie theater. They still had fun because they had their cokes and candy. Afterwards, they all piled into my room and we cozily spent the night together.


Tara said...

How aweful! I can't believe how sick you got so quickly! What a good little man Jake is, sounds like he is a real support for you. Poor Kora, her cute little nose, that's so sad. And I like your "time out" list, it's motivating, I don't want to be on it. :)

Vagabond Mother said...

I need to organize my links into sections too, like, "I never even look at these blogs because they're so lame..." and "I'm don't really remember who this person is. . ." and "lovers."

That should cover it.

That is the worst to be sick like that. I'm proud you didn't spoil your clothes or anything. Jake is so helpful.

Amanda said...

POOR YOU! I know what you mean about stuff like that coming on all of a sudden....pregnancy can do HORRID things to your insides! I have some stories about it that now seem funny----but not at the time! One of mine involves Target weird! And Poor P has also been locked in the confines of a stall with me several times this pregnancy----for 15 min or more!! One time I gave him a lolly pop from my purse and let him sit on a toilet seat cover on the ground and eat it while in the stall with me---Sounds HORRID I know.....but I felt sorry for the poor thing!

grammie said...

That sounds horrid!! Being sick in a public bathroom is the worst. How awful for you and the kids. You sound like you have had a very hard pregnancy. You and Amanda should write a book about it. I am glad I don't have a blog to be put in time out because I don't comment very often but I do read your blog daily and I am sad when you don't have a new post. I get excited to hear about what has happened since the last post. I know, that makes me sound like I have a very boring or pitiful life, but I really enjoy keeping up with what is happening to everyone. I love blogs and I wish your Mom would post more. NancyP

Jess said...

Ut oh...ducking outta here to go update my blog before I get put in time out...gosh, you mean girl whipping the chains!

Sweet Jake! He sounds like such a caring little soul!