Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lots and lots of pictures!!

Kora has such great drawings! I love all of her imaginative ideas that she comes up with and then especially the interpretations she has for each picture. Lately she's been SO into horses. Anytime we pass a field with horses she's got her nose stuck to the glass of the car to just stare at them as we pass. She's been drawing horses on almost anything she can get her hands on too. Here's her "Horse with a baby horse" drawing. In the corner she wrote her name and the letters under her name apparently mean, "Have a nice day." One time she asked me to draw a picture of a horse so I drew this fantastic rendition of a real live horse. I was so proud of my drawing until Kora told me that was NOT a horse and she felt the need to walk me through the RIGHT way to draw a horse which ended up looking like this one here.

Here's our family flag for the Family Olympics tonight. Kora and Jake made it because Miah was asleep already. Jake drew the peacock and the letters and they both worked together on coloring it in. Then they each got a marker and added names and extra things on the side. Can you tell which side was Jake's and which was Kora's? The horses with bunny ears are donkeys, she tells me. Oh and Kora doesn't know how to spell "Mommy", she always writes, "Jessica" on everything instead. And for some reason she wrote her name completely backwards...odd.

As I was digging out a messy crevasse to throw stuff away, I came across all my Princess thank yous I received over the years. It made me feel happy. This is why I did it. Along with these I have hundred and hundreds of very sweet emails with pictures that I'm so grateful were sent to me. I left the picture really big so you can click on it and look closer at all the drawings and cards and pictures that I'm EVER so proud of and will keep for all time!


Tara said...

Wow, Kora's horse is really good! Another Jade in the family to follow Aunt Lindsay? The kids did a great job on the flag too. And I love all the cards you got. Seems like Cinderella was the most popular? You are just so gorgeous, absolutly PERFECT for a princess, you really have the look. And I'm SURE you still do, even though you seem to think you don't as a prego gal. Nothing can touch your eyes, they are just radiant!

Lindsay said...

i love kora's drawings. they make me really proud :) I like your family flag... very lowe-ingly patriotic.