Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jonas Brothers - with pictures and stories.

So last night was the big night! We loaded up and left to go see the Jonas Brothers in concert at Nokia in Grand Prairie. It was a long drive with traffic and all and once we got there this is what Kora looked like...

As soon as we parked and I told her we were there, she was up in Adam and didn't show any signs of being tired. I think she was in awe of all the sparkly teenage girls, the loud music being played by the 106.1 Kiss FM truck and the fun Radio Disney Games they had going. First we stopped at the bathroom because I have a bladder that's being smashed flat. After pottying, I branded my kids. This is my unique way of preventing my children from being lost when we go to big crowded places. I know it's ghetto, I used to have some nice neat tattoos with my name and phone number on them, but they were junk and kept peeling off. I've found that this is the best method and I'm gonna stick with it.

Next we waited in line for about 30 minutes to get some Jo Bros T-shirts. Once I got up to pay, I found out that I was in the cash only line...nice. Was there a sign stating this? No. The cashier pointed me over to a line that was TWICE as long as the one we just waited in. As I turned around to walk away and give up on the t-shirt mission, a couple teenage girls grabbed me and told me to get in front of them. They were THIRD in the credit card line. I couldn't believe it. After all the trash I talk about how much I hate teenagers, they do something sweet like this. Maybe it was because my kids were half the age of most of the kids there, or maybe it was because of my big belly they felt sorry for me. Whatever it was, I was grateful. Kora picked the pink one, of course, and Jake got a cool black one that he also wore to school today!

Once inside, we had to sit through two other groups. The first was Menudo which was BLAH BLAH BLAH. It's basically 5 boys who do the same dance moves for every song and they all stay in the very center of the stage. The second was Rooney which wasn't too bad. They had a different sound that was kinda interesting and I might like it if I got to know it better. Check em out on youtube or something. They're more of rockers than boy bandish, so I enjoyed them more. Jake and Kora were bored with both and kept asking when the Jonas Brothers were coming. When they finally DID come out, it was awesome. I felt like crying because of the expression on Jake and Kora's faces. This was their first ever concert experience and they were speechless just staring that the REAL LIVE Jonas Brothers singing songs they've heard over and over again. It was sweet to me, being pregnant makes things more emotional, but I think I would have felt that way regardless. Here's Jake singing along to one of the songs. He was so in tune and concentrating so hard. Some kid walked by and gave him a glow stick and he waved that thing like there was no tomorrow, it was adorable!

Here's me and Kora rockin out. I look scary in this picture but Kora insisted we take our picture. She had a blast taking blurry pictures of the boys singing. She was so proud of herself. I held her for most of the time so she could see. At one point she told me that she could scream louder than any of those girls that were there. I knew she was right! Before one song, Joe Jonas announced that there were SO many beautiful girls there and Kora looked at me with her mouth wide open like he was speaking directly at her! She loved it. She loved watching her favorites, Joe and Kevin run around the stage. I think her favorite part was watching their outfits slowly change. The came out with jackets on over all black shirts and pants but they would occasionally take pieces off or add pieces to their outfits. At one point they left the stage completely and came back wearing all WHITE and she just couldn't believe that they had changed their clothes!

After about 3/4 of the concert Jake was dead tired and Kora said her ears were hurting. Mine were too so we decided to leave early. You can only keep them happy with cotton candy, sweet tarts and bubbilicious gum for so long until they realize they wanna go home. It was fun though, they had a really good time. As we were leaving, the tour bus was parked right out front and was covered in writing. They both wanted to sign the bus so we had to do it!

After they put their mark on the Jo Bros bus, we left for home. It was a really fun night. When we got home, my parents were there to greet us and see how things were. Kora ran up to my mom and said, "MAWMAW!! We saw the Jonas Brothers in REAL LIFE, the REAL Jonas Brothers, not a movie!! PEACOCK, the REAL ONES!!!" It was cute. I think after seeing the Hannah Montana Concert in the movies she thought this would be the same. I put some videos I took of a few songs in the next post so check that out if you'd like! It's a little hard to hear with all the screaming, but it's fun to watch.


Tara said...

I love the idea of "branding" your kids, that is great, really! I'm so going to do that! Do you have any idea how cool you are!?! I was 28 before I went to my first and only concert. (U2-I happen to think Bono is worth the wait :) You ROCK!!! The really cool thing about you is that your kids are going to think anything is possible. They will have no limits, if Kora wants to be a famous fashion designer, there is no doubt in my mind she will do it. If they want to do something out of the ordinary for fun, (as long as it's safe, right?) they will do it and feel like they have the freedom to. That is SO COOL!!! YOu are amazing!

Lindsay said...

how exciting for them!! i was excited reading it like i was there or something... that is about the coolest thing EVER for kids i bet. that's awesome... way to mom it up even when you're belly is exploding with child.

Vagabond Mother said...

That picture of their arms made me laugh. What an exciting night. I'm kind of hoping you'll think of adopting me into your fun clan.

Amanda said...

Writing your name and phone number on them is genius!!!! You are a great mom to be preggo and taking them to this huge concert!

Jess said...

Aw...thanks for your comment! It's true...I still LOVE to look at my wedding pics!

You're such a fun and cool mom! I'm sure your kiddos think so, too!

Great idea on the "branding"!

Anonymous said...

Great idea on putting the phone numbers on their arms, however I would remove or blur the picture so that some weirdos don't start calling you!!!