Monday, February 25, 2008

Random Pictures and Nonsense

Last week we visited a good friend of mine and had a grand ole time! Miah and Kora got worn out and both conked when we got home. Here's a cute picture of the boys looking out the window at the dog. Funny story... On the way to our friends' house, Kora and I were talking about how cute she looked. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: "I wish had that cute little bootie that you have so I could look as cute as you!"

Kora: "I know, but you're bootie isn't cute and little, it's really big."

Me: "Oh well, I think when I was little like your age I had a cute little bootie too!"

Kora: "Yea, but now yours is so huge and big. But that's okay mom because I love you for who you are :)"
This is Jake and Miah's new trick they've been doing all over the place. I especially like Jake's expression in this picture.

Kora's been getting ready to be a little mommy and here she is with her baby strapped in tightly in her car seat.

Kora and Miah have been getting a nice kick out of the size of my bras lately and how they are continually growing larger and larger.

The other night as we were watching some show downstairs, I glanced over at Miah and noticed his cute sitting position. Look at those skinny little leggies. Regardless of how much this vacuum cleaner eats, it doesn't go anywhere but his head...look how big that is!

Another fun thing we did recently was visit some of Kora's old friends in Fort Worth. her favorite friend had a Kitty birthday and Kora was ECSTATIC to go see everyone. It's been a while since she's seen all her friends and it made me smile to see her so happy with them :)

This is her and the birthday girl being goofy!


Amanda said...

That is too funny..... Your conversation in the car! Kids love ya no matter what!

Vagabond Mother said...

Those are quite the bra shots. They are so proud, so uninhibited. Where's your bra picture?

Kora has a big heart while you have a big bottom.

Lindsay said...

Oh kora... even when she's mean she thinks she's being nice... I'm glad you guys had fun. I was getting BORED but knew that if i said anything you'd get on to me for not updating my family blog... guess the biggest problem is NOT REALLY HAVING A FAMILY. yes? nothing interesting happens at our house. by the way.. i AM the boss of my blog.

Tara said...

I have had similar conversations too, I have to try really hard not to laugh when they think they are so adult-like and all-knowing. :) I love the bra pics. Hey, at least you have some! If I loose any more weight, I will be mistaken for a man!

David and Teresa said...

This mawmaw is going to miss those babies when they leave. These pictures just remind me that I will.

Love Mawmaw

David and Teresa said...

Oh! to be mistaken as a man again.

Teresa who is the mother of Jessica

Unknown said...

What cuteness all over! I love the Pedro tshirt! Love the bra! Love the leggies! Love the kitties! Too much cuteness!