Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Niels Buksik

Who is Niels Buksik, you might ask? Well, apparently it's the cute little 5 yr old blonde that followed me around all day. Early this morning I had a doctor appointment which by the way went great. I told her about the BHC's and she gave me a pelvic exam (always my favorite thing *blah*) to make sure I wasn't dialating. NOPE, thankfully all is good in the uter-hood. She told me to drink lots more water and stay really hydrated which is the advice one of you guys gave me in my comments.

Okay back to Niels. As we were leaving the doctor, we walked outside and on the ground was this name tag blowing around. Kora picked it up and stuck it on her shirt and it has YET to come off. She wore it to McDonalds, the grocery store, the dollar store, the party store, and office depot. She got some odd looks and of course a few people asked her what her name tag said and she would just smile really big.

This quirky but interesting attribute is one of my favorite things about my Kora. She doesn't care what people say or do, she just does what SHE wants - hence the occasional wig. BTW, who names their kid Niels Buksik anyway?


Amanda said...

LOL! Hee, hee..that is a name that is not on my list..come to think of it we are having naming issues! AAAAHHH!

Unknown said...

Too cute! I love their little quirks.

Unknown said...

ROFLOL--what a cute pic and story jess. such a quirky name to have attached the the front of it!!!!! Kora is just tooooooo cute. And what a great personality to have. not afraid to be herself.

Lindsay said...

HA! i love this. Kora rocks. I love her so much and her quirkiness.. it totally reminds me of you and your weird habits and comments about things.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Who names their kid Niels Buksik --> well obviously one of my good friend's parents did. Tell me what's wrong with Niels? Same as Niels Bohr - who is a nobel laureate in physics. Pretty smart dude just as my friend!

Oh & BTW that was actually my friends name tag. Glad your little girl found it and you had a great story to tell because kids can do the most adorable things :)

It's the adults who make fun of others that just aren't adorable!