Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A list of junk by a zit faced punk

1. Ya like the title?

2. We are moving on April 19th, it's official. I'm looking for apartments online in VA but that's no fun because I have NO idea if they are okay or not. Oh well, we'll only be there for 6 months anyway so if I TOTALLY screw up then it won't last long.

3. Everyone is sick. Well, not everyone. Miah, Kora and I all have colds but I think they are the short lived kind because it's not TOO bad. I was worried on Sunday when Miah and Kora popped up with fevers, then I got it Sunday night. Yesterday was mostly gunk in the nose and coughing. No more fevers. I'm hoping it will be gone soon.

4. I'm getting my haircut today but calm down calm down...don't expect anything exciting. I'm just getting it trimmed and having new layers added that have grown out since last time. I think it's been about 8 months since my last cut. I always wait SO LONG in between cuts because I put myself last on the family priority list. As ridiculous as it sounds...I'm REALLY looking forward to having someone wash my hair. Ahhh....just that small piece of pampering sounds SO good right now. You know when they massage the scalp and give you tingles....ahhhhh...I'm pathetic, I know.

5. Speaking of pampering, I did the party last weekend as a favor to a friend who is a massage therapist as a trade-off for two massages, one for me and one for Austin. I can't WAIT for my massage. I'm going to try to get it really soon so I can still lay on my tummy because I want to fully enjoy every moment of it!

6. Last night we made this delicious dinner called Shabu Shabu. It was Austin's idea and he got it from his cousin Jackie who made it for him on Sunday evening when he helped her move some things. What you do is go to the Chinese supermarket, buy some thinly sliced Ribeye. It's REALLY thin, like bacon thin or even thinner and it's SO cheap. One pound is less than 4 bucks! Also buy some bean sprouts, cabbagy-lettuce stuff, mushrooms, green onions, and baby carrots and place all these things in separate bowls. You get a huge pot and fill it with water and bring to a good boil. At this point you can either leave the pot on the stove so it continues to boil, or move it to the kitchen table with an electric burner underneath so it continues to boil. Then the fun starts. The kids loved this...You pick some of each item, veggies and meats and place them in the boiling water until it cooks them to your desired tenderness. Remove your portion and place on your plate with some yummy rice. Use a citrus soy sauce as a dip and dip each bite of yum into your sauce with some rice and enjoy!!!! It's so good. It reminds me of Pho, but without the noodles and it's not in the liquid when you eat it. Tell me how it goes if you try it. It's hardly any prep time, just boil water and chop up the lettuce and green onions.

7. I'm getting closer to accepting the fact that this may be my last pregnancy ever. This doesn't mean that we won't have more children, we may adopt another, BUT I think being pregnant doesn't agree with me too much and it's not really my favorite thing in the world. I know there are many people out there who cannot have children and will hate me for saying these things, but we're all different so let me speak my peace. I LOVE knowing that I have a baby inside of me, every time I feel it move I just want to freeze time and keep feeling that feeling. The whole idea of how mothers are blessed to able to carry their children I am SO thankful for. The thing is, WHILE I'm pregnant everything else about me goes horribly wrong. I'm sorry, I know I sound ungrateful but I'm not, I'm just worn out.

8. It's already 12, I gotta go get ready for the day. Stuff to do people to see...not really.

9. Oh wait, one thing. I have to tell you how stupid I am. I just spell checked and the word tenderness was incorrect. Wanna know how I ignorantly spelled it? "Tendernous" What the crap? Am I un-educated of what? My face turned red and no one was even here for me to be embarrassed in front of. Had to share...


Tara said...

anything Asian sounds good to me right now, I love all that stuff. I think my kids would have a blast with it! Sounds alot healthier than what we used to do, taking all those things, dipping them in tempura, and frying them at the table. (but that was yummy too)

I think it's great that you are taking care of yourself in respect to having kids. I don't think I would mind another one sometimes, but I do not think it is healthy for my to go through another pregnancy, and it is NOT mentally healthy for me to put the family through this insane life while I deal with a new baby and all the issues that come with it. I know so many women who sacrifice near death to bring more children into the world, maybe they are just more faithful than I am. I say, make sure YOU are OK and healthy in all areas, and if it taxes your family too much, don't do it. I love your view on this topic, I wish more mothers shared your feelings. I love how Miah is truly a part of your family. Adoption is such a wonderful option, don't you think?

Lindsay said...

mmmm... i want some of that Shabu Shabu right now, too. Enos and i should totally make some. I think it's FINE if you just adopt the last one or two, whatever. You are a great mom and i hope that i can be as good of one as you someday... Adoption is a very individual thing and judgment shouldn't be passed. Also, i really like the title of this list. I wanna keep saying it over and over again.

Amanda said...

Sounds Yummy--but I am too lazy to even find a chinese market right now! I understand EXACTLY what you mean about pregnancy.....I gain a ton of weight, I am still throwing up this time around, and my WHOLE digestive system is TOTALLY screwed up! Which means a lot of pain and bathroom trips! I do feel guilty for those that can't carry their own kids:( I can't believe we are not even halfway thorough this pregnancy!

Vagabond Mother said...

It is so liberating whenever I think, "Oh wait, I DON'T have to have more kids." In fact, a lot of people that get as pathetic as I do while pregnant don't have more after two. Apparently, it isn't conducive to be a mom to a lot of kids when you end up on i.v.'s and ask for death.

If only they weren't so damn cute.

Three is a great deal of pregnantness, good job.

I wish there was a "suggestion box" for God about women's bodies.

Amy Herfurth said...

Don't you mean "oh crack" hehe!!!