Thursday, January 3, 2008

A list of junk but not a post with a hunk (like last time!)

1. When Austin comes home from work in his uniform Miah gets all excited and always says, "You shoot bad guys today dad?" Just now, he asked me where daddy was. When I told him he was at work, he said, "At the bad guy place?" For some reason he associates camo with bad guys.

2. I made some queso dip because I've been craving it. Anytime I go to some gathering where they have it made up, I always want to eat WAY more than I actually get but I'm too embarrassed to chow down like a hog in front of everyone so I refrain. After making it myself, I'm not too happy with it. I've never made it before (at least I don't remember making it ever) and I'm not sure I made it correctly. Please help if you know how. Here's what I did, melted a big brick of Velveeta in a crock pot and added some chunky salsa. The problem with mine is that it's too thick. I don't remember everyone else's being this thick and cheesy, it was a tad more runny. Ideas? Oh, and mine sets a lot faster than others, it's like all hard and I JUST got some out.

3. I'm on a recipe hunt and I'm asking all volunteers to send me their top TWO most favorite easy dinner recipes. The key is, they HAVE to be delicious. I'm not a big fan of casseroles, BUT if you swear it's good, I may try it. Also, I don't like Italian food. If you have two you'd like to submit (Sheriece you already did one so you only have to give me one more) then email me.


Unknown said...

1. Too cute.

2. Add water. Seriously. Also, try using Rotell instead of salsa (I worked at On the Border, and that is EXACTLY what they use). And this kind of dip will get hard pretty quick (but it will take longer if you add a bit of water). Does your Crockpot have a "Little Dipper" you could keep some warm in?

3. I'm at work (shhhh, don't tell!) but I will send you a couple things when I get home! I have such good ones!!! You'll have to make a post to share what people send you. All moms are on the look out for good recipes!

Lindsay said...

1. love it... my miah is so funny.

2. i dunno never made it but sheriece's idea sounds good. mmm... dip.. by the way.. when you talked about nachos in an earlier post it got me so hungry for nachos i got up and made some right then... mmmmm

3. no.. i don't cook.

Amanda said...

I agree with PP add water and I use Mild Rotel (you can use normal Rotel if you like more spice!)one small can for one block of Velvetta. YOu can also do it stove top a lot faster on low---like a half block at a time. I was craving this weeks ago and made 2 batches at different times:)

I am a horrible cook (good baker though!) So PLEASE tell us if you get good recipes and share them! I am so tired of all my food! One of my Fav. things is just Pork tenderloin (melts in your mouth!), fresh green beans and mashed potatoes!

Amy Herfurth said...

Jessica, don't your remember chili's queso...ummmmm...its chili was the best!!

David and Teresa said...

She is just trying to be "one up" on mawmaw on our BATTLE OF THE DINNERS. That is ok. Send her your recipes but I have my sources also and will win.

Love you Jess