Friday, January 4, 2008

Chuck Cheese and some odd chips Kora found

Like I said a few days ago, we went to Chuck E. Cheese the day of PawPaw's birthday before the celebration. Here's Kora on the bike that goes up to the sky. With her red nose she looks like Rudolph, huh?

Here's Miah on the ride he would NOT get off of. I made him get off a few times because a line of kids who wanted to ride was building up, but other than that he stuck right there by Chucke's side and would bring me his print out picture every 2 minutes.

The night we made nachos, Kora found some unique shapes in the chip bag and started lining them up. I told her we should sell them on Ebay like the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese and see if we can make as much money as it did! Here's the "Lily Pad" chip she found.

And this is the "Taco Chip" she found.

I've come to realize that she's a lot like me with her food. If it's a different shape or wrong color or size, she won't eat it. When I get french fries, I pick out all the ones that are too dark, too skinny, have burnt spots, or are too greasy and I line them up in a row as the rejects...unless Austin's with me...he just eats them.


Unknown said...

Cute pics!! I hate greasy fries. I only like crunchy ones.

molly said...

funny about the fry thing! oh and i hope you guys had a happy anniversary!

Amanda said...


Enos Heinzen said...

ew... i agree.. greasy fries is NAST-Y. i like kora with her boots.

Valinda said...

I think we should get Kora and Jr. together they could be picky about their food together. The weird fry she found she never ate!

Tara said...

That really is funny about the chips and fries thing. I am a bit like that, but not as nutty as you!!! J/K I have worse issues. Lindsay makes fun of me because I can't mix anything "sweet" or "savory". So I don't like salad with strawberries or fruit, or sweet and sour sauce, etc. It's only the really cool chicks who have food quirks, right?