Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Got Sucked into These Silly Games

There were only a few questions I wanted to answer, but for the sake of playing along I'll answer all of them.

1) Which celebrity would play you in a movie of your life? One for looks, one for personality. Flatter your guts out. Looks:

  • Keanu Reeves - only because I've had a lot of people say that in the past. Ben Affleck for personality and Brad Pitt to flatter my guts out.

2) Are you married? If yes, did you marry for looks, love, attention, or money?

  • I married for look, love, and friendship. Definitely in that order. I don't need attention (I'm not needy) or money.

3) How closely does your life resemble what you thought you'd be when you were four?

  • It doesn't resemble what I thought at all. The wife and kids part is exactly what I thought. For career, I thought I would be a professional baseball player or special forces in the Marines.

4) Do you like when playlists play music on blogs?

  • Don't care. I only read Jess' blog when she hounds me to do so.

5) Where were you when Heath Ledger died?

  • Playing with the kids at the mall while Jess got a hair cut.

6) Who will you vote for in November?

  • I probably won't vote. I don't trust politicians and I'm sick of political campaigns. It's all about power and greed. There's no spirit of cooperation nor desire make people's lives better. It's all about what can I get or exploit. Although I haven't voted in 12 years, I stay abreast of the political discourses and world affairs. I won't succumb to the stupid idea that if I don't vote I can't complain. Why should I be forced to choose between two ridiculous candidates? If they don't represent my beliefs or I don't believe they're honest, I will not compromise my integrity for the sake of voting. Although it's a right, it doesn't mean I have to vote.

7) Costco or Sam's Club?

  • I don't care. Have yet to step inside either of the stores.

8) Do you hate it when your husband/wife plays video games?

  • Jess doesn't play video games.

9) Have you ever had the dream where all your teeth fall out and you choke on them?

  • No. I have dreams about playing sports or killing people.

10) Have you ever been semi-conscious and totally unable to move and feel like you might be possessed by Satan?

  • Never

11) What are the best t.v. shows that you think others should be watching too? Does the Writer's Strike make you lonely, bored or unemployed?

  • Rob and Big, Football, Baseball, Basketball, MTV Jams, and Hanna Montana.

12) Do you watch trash t.v. when you are alone? Are you embarrassed?

  • I'll watch anything. Never embarrassed. Wait! Sappy love stories make me sick, I will not watch them.

13) Who is your current favorite music artist?

  • T.I. and The Game

14) What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

  • The Producers. I turned it off after five minutes.

15) Should they take the word "God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance?

  • This is a good question for a rant. I'll make it short. They shouldn't take "God" out. They should, however, reserve the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance for certain occasions. How many have actually took a moment to think about the meaning of the Pledge. It's a ridiculous pledge. It doesn't mean anything. It's a shallow method to show patriotism. The majority of the population that recite the pledge are young school children. What adult has recited the pledge lately. I was asked to recite it at Jake's PTA meeting. STUPID! WHAT WAS THE POINT? It had no relevance to the meeting. The recital was half hearted and forced. I did not participate. Not because I'm not patriotic but because it wasn't relevant. Also, why should my kid be forced to recite a pledge he knows little about. What does he know about politics, The Constitution, or even his country? He doesn't. He easily falls into the propaganda that our country is good, righteous, and just. All countries do this, it's not only the US. I feel like the kids should be of sound mind, intellect, and age before they should participate in reciting the Pledge. When that time comes they shouldn't be forced to do so. In many states it is the law to recite the Pledge at school. Why is that a Law? What a waste of time. There's a lot more I would like to let out but I've got tiredhead now. I'll close by stating this: I love the people of my country not the country. I will fight and die for the rights and liberty of the people of this country. I believe we have the best type of government on Earth. It's not perfect and I disagree with the direction of our government and its people. I want our people to think independently, freely, and honestly. That's how we progress and move forward to becoming better people and a better society. Making young children recite pledges that don't relate to Gospel principles is unnecessary. This reciting of the Pledge cultivates thoughtless support for the country and its leaders. There should be meaning in what we do and say and when we do them and say it.

16) List only your four best friends to respond to this survey on their blog.

  • My friends don't have blogs


Marian said...

To our Austin, a wonderful husband and dad. I for one am delighted Jess coerced you with respect to the questionnaire. Because you are ordinarily (in the public forum at any rate) a man of few words I must confess a modicum of pleasant surprise for a man of your young years. Your responses conclusively demonstrate superior analytical skills and a high degree of philosophical thought/rationale. Your writing skills, however, come as no surprise--you are, after all, an attorney. Incidentally, I concur re: voting and to a degree your stance on the "pledge".

Anonymous said...

After reading the post this morning, I want to make something clear. I believe the Pledge of Allegiance should be reserved for a particular agenda. For example, government officials reciting the "pledge" before government business or before children begin a lesson on government/US history. The 'Pledge" should be recited with reverence and thought. It's the mindless recital and the stern demand of the government to force children and its citizen to recite it at school that disturb me. For those that know me, I love my country and I will not participate in anything that lacks meaning and/or thought.

Lindsay said...

HA!... i think it's hilarious that you actually answered this questionaire... that was some serious sucking in. Liked your answers and agreed with a lot of them. I like how passionate you are about things. It's really inspiring and a bit overwhelming. Glad you're in my family.