Sunday, December 2, 2007

Some Randomness

I have few random pictures that I'd like to share with everyone, they don't go together but they each are cute so I just threw them all in the same pile.
First, I'd like to introduce you to two new members of our family as of Friday. My lovely Aunt Marian got married at my parents' house to a wonderful man named Charles. This is Charles with his son Chuck. I didn't get any pictures of Marian and Charles together, but I bet if you check Amy's photography blog she'll have them up. Marian looked beautiful, as usual and the ceremony was very touching. I started to tear up but I'm also having pregnancy brain so that may have been why. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to the two of you, we love you!!

While in OK/AK, the kids got some money from family members for birthdays and Christmas so when we got home, we had to head to Target because the mula was burning a hole in their pockets. Miah loved this helmet and bat, but I didn't get it for him for fear that he would use it as a weapon instead of a sport. He looks cute, huh..little dude.

On Saturday, our neighbor Maddie had a Sleeping Beauty Princess Party and Kora decided to go as Snow White. As seen before in this dress, this is her FAVORITE Princess. I think she looks gorgeous. Notice the head tilt that you'll find most common in all her recent pictures, it's her new "pose" thing she does. Oh and by the way, Mommy was the Princess at the party, so that was fun! Maddie's older sister, Abby kept asking me if I was Jessica and I kept telling her, "no, I don't know a Jessica." Finally, she asked Kora if I was her mom and Kora said, "I don't think so." Way to keep a secret Kora!!!

Lastly, Kora took this picture of her and Roscoe and I thought it was adorable! I like how you can only see Ross' nose and you know he's thinkin he's SOOoOo handsome!


Unknown said...

Kora DOES look gorgeous! No surprise there! I love the baseball pic of Miah! Good call on the bat!! You have three amazingly adorable kiddos!

Lindsay said...

She is so sweet. I love my Kora. She looks ADORABLE in that costume... Maybe she'll take over the family business someday...i also like miah's oversized helmet... it would have been cute if you had just gotten him the helmet to where around the house... ha.

Anonymous said...

"Little" Snow White is just as precious as her mother. I ordered some of your shots from Amy's Daisy Production site--5 in all. I asked for 3 in sepia and two in colour for a collage of our Jess. Love You, Aunt Marian

Anonymous said...

I'm spending way too much time on our family's blogs, but what a super addiction. Cheers for the photo of CIII and CIV and your kind words.

LOL (Lashings of Love),
Aunt Marian