Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sleeping Beauty visits the hospital bearing gifts!

Awww....this was a great day! I got to the hospital early this morning about 9:30 and I was meeting the Sisters there who had taken the Dart Rail. When I got there, I had a few surprises waiting for me. First of all, Children's had arranged for their PR division to come and take photos during my visit. They said the pictures are usually used for brochures and pamphlets about Children's so that was neat. The even BIGGER surprise was that the lady in charge of my visits has loved having me come each month and was SO excited about my visit this month, she arranged for Channel 8 to be there and document it!! Apparently, this was a big week for Children's because the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Stars had been there earlier this week and had Channel 8 get their story as well. SOOOO, I'm as important as they are!! haha The camera man followed me only to my first visit which was the Cancer Center. I didn't get pictures of those kiddos because my Sisters were running late and they were my camera girls, but I WAS on the news tonight! They said who I was and told about my visits and how I come each month as a different Princess. Macie Jepson even mentioned that I had been to her house as well, which I had, as Belle a few years back! haha Here I am with the sweet sisters who were SO helpful and carried all my bags full of toys AND took pictures for us!

Here are a few pictures of some kids we visited in pre-surgery.

Even the big kids loved it!!

This guy was a little older, but he totally LOVED it and was SO excited to see me and get his super hero!! The nurse came up to me later and told me thank you and how it meant SO much to him!!

Next we went to recovery and found some really sweet spirits!

Every time I have gone to visit, I always find ONE special child that touches my heart so deeply. This time it was Sharla. When I came into her room she was still groggy but as soon as she saw the Cinderella doll her eyes got really big and she was interested!

She posed for a picture with me too! Isn't she ADORABLE! Look at that crazy curly blonde hair! Oh my, what a sweet heart.

Once she warmed up, she even let me paint her hand. Her mom was SO grateful and just kept thanking us over and over. She asked who we were with and why we had come and was blown away that we were just volunteers.

Lastly we went to Hemodialysis. These kids have to come in several times a week because they have blood diseases and they need transfusions to keep them working.

This little girl has been at the hospital since my first visit. She's always such a little trooper sitting there like a big girl while she has blood pumping into her.

Because we still had some toys left when we were done, we made our rounds again to find more kids!

This little girl was so cute because she wanted to see me but she didn't want her hand painted or any toy. She just kept saying no thank you!

And then that was it. We happened to have EXACTLY enough toys for every child I visited and at the end, I only had one girl toy left and the last little person we visited, just happened to be a girl! It really was perfect! So many of the parents kept thanking us for coming and bringing these gifts. When we made a second round, we saw a little girl we had seen earlier and her mom told us that she hadn't let go of that little Princess doll since we gave it to her, she was clinging on to it! The kids were so thankful and so sweet and I know it made a HUGE difference in their day! Thanks again to those of you who donated, I know these kids will remember this forever and you made them feel so special on a day that maybe they weren't too excited about to begin with.


molly said...

*tear* seriously jessica that is totally awesome. thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

That is so amazing, Jessica. I loved reading it, and I know those kids must have felt so lucky today. Just beautiful.

Marian said...

My dear niece, I dub thee Princess Diana (reincarnated)for she too loved the little ones. What a gift you have given US, your friends and family, as well. Thank you also for your time and effort to recreate the day for us in words and photos. You are a ruddy one-off.

David and Teresa said...

You have made my Christmas Jessica. This is the best. What a wonderful thing to do and I can see the children loved it also. Dad

Amanda said...

Tears are flowing---I can't take these things when I am pregnant!!!! YOu are AMAZING! What a wonderful feeling you must have gotten at the end of that day:)

Deanna said...

Jessica, you are awesome. What a wonderful thing to do. I too am a little teary. And what a great idea to take the Sisters with you. You're a great person!! I'm glad to know you. Deanna

Lindsay said...

i love that we did this... it really makes my month. You are a great sister for coming up with this idea.. it's inspired me to give in other areas of my life..thank you

Tara said...

I'm not pregnant, and I'm still crying!!! Seeing those kids in your pictures, wow, it just makes me so grateful for my healthy three, and I want to give more instead of always stressing and worrying about stuff. I can't imagine how emotional with good and sad, that must have been for you. I bet those brave little hearts are inspiring to be around. They just look so special. You are awesome Jessica, you are setting high standards for your kids, it's so great!

Lindsey from The R House said...

wow! first, you are totally hot as a blonde. secondly, way to change the world. i am totally inspired. (although i would need to be cinderella.)