Monday, December 3, 2007

A list of Junk from the top bunk

1. Kora wrote me a note that looked like this -
and she translated it for me reading this -
Dear Mom,
I love you even though you're chubby.
If you run away, I'll still love you.
Even when you're growing up, I'll still love you.
I still love you even when you get me in trouble.
I love you!
Kora Lowe
2. I'm free! I'm free!! No GD for me!! Well, at least not for now! The test came back negative so I can eat all the crap I want. I think they'll test me again at the usual time but that's like 12 weeks away so I'm good to go!
3. My mom and I decided that I need to add another word to my list of favorite words. CAKE.
Whoever made the word cake was probably the same dude who made the word CASH because they are both so great. I love that "K" sound. Saying the word CAKE makes you want to eat some cake, doesn't it?
4. The Hobby Lobby Ladder story. My mother has requested I tell this story because she hasn't heard it. I don't know where she found out about it, maybe Lindsay. I was at Hobby Lobby the other day with Miah and we were in the check out lane waiting in line. You know how at the front of HL they have decorations (usually big trunks and such) that are lined on shelves ALL the way up to the ceiling of the store? Well, there was a man putting signs up on the very top shelf and he was on one of those ladders that open up like an "A". He was at the VERY top of the ladder and it was a big one, probably a 12 foot ladder, at LEAST. He was an older man, probably late 50's. All of a sudden he lost his balance and the whole ladder starts slowly falling toward all of us waiting in line. From this point on, the story was in slow motion. He turns to look at us, I guess to see where and how he is going to land and he just keeps falling. Now, if it had been me on that ladder, I would have jumped off to make sure I landed on my feet. But this guy, noooo, he was much more committed to the ladder and he just hung on for dear life going ALL the way down with it. He wasn't gonna even TRY to let go. As he's falling, he looks at one of the checker girls who was a tiny little toot, maybe 18-20 years old and he says in this shaky old man voice, "CATCH ME!" She looked at him with these helpless eyes and just backed up so she wouldn't get landed on. The poor girl, she was half his size and there was no WAY she could have caught him. Like I said, in slow motion, he went all the way down with the ladder as the crowd of customers waiting in line dispersed to make a landing spot for him. I couldn't believe this was happening and I tried SO hard not to laugh but it was probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It was like I was in a cartoon or something. I put my hand over my mouth to hide my smile with an, "oooh, are you okay" look. There was a little girl behind me who started laughing when he hit the ground and the mom quickly snapped at her, "that's not funny!" I felt bad for her because I wanted to laugh too! Anyway, he fell to the floor clutching that ladder of his and when he hit the ground he just laid there for a moment, then stood up slowly and walked away leaving that dear sweet ladder that he wouldn't let go down alone. The ladder just laid there on the ground and everyone kinda got back in line and went on with their business. Miah watched the whole thing with big eyes and when the man had left, Miah looked at me and said, "man fall down? man get hurt?" That just made me wanna laugh more!


Unknown said...

1. Cute cute note!!!

2. OH MY GOSH!!!! That's terrible! I don't know what I would have done! Poor guy! Poor girl that was expected to CATCH him! HAHA! I hope he was ok!

Amanda said...

Cute posts lately:) I can't believe that ladder guy? I am suprised he didn't even say anything like "I am okay" before he walked away!

Lindsay said...

1. Go KORA...and where did she think you were chubby from unless you've been telling her that... you don't want a daughter with an eating disorder!!! goodness..
2. STILL FUNNY. I laughed outloud AGAIN.

Tara said...

Love kids letters!!! When are you going to post some pictures of your chubby a*%? Woman, I think we have very different ideas of what "chubby" is, I am waiting till you are 9 months before I make a comment on if I think you are chubby or not. :) And that ladder story, that was SO funny!! And so sad at the same time, but really, really, funny!