Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Good advice from a stranger...

So I have a fun blog I love to read which is listed on my sidebar as "the r house". Well, while visiting there this morning I read this beautiful email that really touched me. It was written to the blog narrator, mrs. r, from her father in law during a time of confusion and need as she and her husband were debating whether or not to adopt. This was 15 months ago, and she now has a beautiful little boy named Tyson whom they adopted through the Church Social Services.

I'd like for you to read the email and even though it may not apply to you directly as in adopting, try to apply it to your life and other struggles you may be going through right now. It makes me tear up, probably because of my pregnancy brain, but maybe because it helps me to see light at the end of the tunnel in a LOT of different aspects of my life that I'm struggling with right now. I've been praying for comfort in these things and to click over to this blog and read this email, I feel like my prayers have been answered and Heavenly Father is helping me to see things in a different light. I hope you can benefit from this email like I have. Enjoy...

I’m not real good at analogies…and I confess that the 150 year celebration of the pioneers coming to Utah a few years ago completely wore me out, however… Your trek is the same…they could pray all day for inspiration on which path to take or which mountain to climb…but the fact remained they HAD to take action…they had to choose SOME path, even if they had to possibly back track a ways, or even tougher…if it seemed they made a poor choice they HAD to continue because (here’s the catch) it was the DESTINATION that mattered…even more than finding the easiest or fastest path.

You have a destination (or better yet, a DESTINY!) to fulfill. You will have to choose a path (or two, or three) that may be uncomfortable, or as you know, completely different from the one you want to take. Remember…you will RAISE a posterity…that is your blessing…whether you BARE them or not is God’s call.

Here’s another thought…once you take a path (based on inspiration)…you cannot murmur or second guess. You may have actually chosen the HARDEST one (not knowing all the rocks, crevices, or even the ET’s in the shadows) but it’s the destination that matters most.

It is interesting to me that on any given day…someone is praying for rain while another prays for sunshine. The needs of God’s children are polarized on any given day. One person is praying to have a baby…and one is praying what to do if they are pregnant and alone. This is one reason God is Omnipotent…so that balance can be brought to these dichotomies.



Anonymous said...

Great Analogy! Hang in there baby. Never forget that Heavenly Father answered our prayers and sent us along this path. I don't enjoy walking along this path. The scrapes, bumps, falls, and deviations are never easy to endure nor welcomed. The destitation, however, is the prize and the goal. Keep your eye on the prize and walk towards it. Heavenly Father will ease the burden and provide for all our needs. Whenever things seemed impossible, Heavenly Father made it possible. You can never give up hope. There is always a way! Remember my talk to Jake about never giving up and having hope? It applies here. We'll be fine. Just start walking. I love you.
- Austin

Amanda said...

So sweet:) Both the post and Austin's comment:) Everything makes me tear up at this point!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE's so perfect. I wish i could write like this. It didnt make me tear up though....but what DID make me tear up was Austin's comment. What a great brother-in-law that i have and great husband you have. It's all very true and (tearing up again) it's nice that as brothers and sisters we can all receive help from one another along the path. Even if it wasn't intended for us at all. Thanks for posting this.