Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A list of Junk that smells like Skunk

1. Just a side note, but I actually LIKE the smell of skunk.

2. Still having bad headaches all day long, but I'll be going to my family doctor and a chiropractor soon for this. Hopefully they'll stop because I don't think it's a good idea to be taking Tylenol ALL DAY LONG...and that doesn't even completely take the pain away. Ugh, Nana said I got shaken baby syndrome in my car wreck, I think she's right!

3. I went to my first OB visit today and I like my new Dr. I was worried about the place at first because it was in a shady location and the door was locked when I got there...weird. She did another sonogram and she said the Hemo-sumthin or other (the bleeding spot) has gotten lighter in color on the screen which is good and means it is healing. Because of this situation, she told me I'll be having sonograms every 4 weeks until she can tell that it isn't a high risk preg. anymore. Which sounds fun to me, I always like getting sonos (you were right Tara!)

4. Because I had Gestational Diabetes with Jake, I'm also at a higher risk for that again so I had to go ahead and take the glucose test today at 9 weeks instead of waiting until I'm 24 weeks. Blah. I told the doctor that this preg. is more like Jake's than Kora's so I'm feeling like I might be GD again. The results for the test will be done in 48 hours so to me...that means I have 48 hours to eat all the crap I can before they tell me I can't anymore..hehehe.

5. ANOTHER thing with my visit (I know, the list just goes on and on) is that the doctor found a 2cm. lump in my breast that she was concerned about. She told me I shouldn't freak out, but she scheduled me an appointment to get a sonogram in radiology at the hospital. She has also set me up to see a surgeon. The thing I don't understand (which I should have asked but didn't because I have shaken baby syndrome and vertigo) is how can I have surgery when I'm preg? Won't I need to wait until afterwards? Has anyone out there ever heard of anyone having surgery when preg? Please share.

6. I'm about to kill 2 kids of mine who won't go to freakin bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I look like a wild maniac mom coming after them with the belt and just flailing it in all directions to hit at least one square inch of skin but GEEEZ....GO TO BED!!!!!

7. I found a really fun website about a sweet family who have a beautiful adopted son. Go visit them!!! www.therhouse.blogspot.com

8. I have a few Thanksgiving pictures coming soon, maybe tomorrow if you're lucky. I didn't take a whole bunch so I hope your not disappointed. I was handicapped at the time ya know...give me a break!

9. Okay, so I know there are a lot of secret blog stalkers out there who read my blog and NEVER comment. I know you're there, don't try to hide under the desk. I have proof of your visits. I just want you to know that I don't think it's crazy for you to LOVE my blog, I mean, who doesn't? You don't have to say a word, I'm not asking you to blow your cover. I just want you to know that I welcome you with open arms and I hope you continue to visit and even tell your secret blog stalking friends about my place as well. I love guests :)

10. Why do kid farts smell so bad? I've never understood that.


grammie said...

I hope all goes well with your doctor visits. I don't think they have to put you to sleep to do the biopsy on your lump. I think they just numb it with some medication, like when you have to get a filling at the dentist. You have certainly had more than your share of problems and I hope that everything goes smoothly from now on. I enjoy reading your blog and getting to know your sweet little family. NancyP

Unknown said...

1. Ew. Skunk stinks!

2. Sorry about your headaches, that REALLY stinks.

3. I, too, enjoyed the sonograms. I hope it's all good news!

4. Yummy orange sody pop, right? HA!

5. I have heard of having surgery while pregnant, but only if it's REALLY serious. I bet they want you to see the surgeon to go ahead and set it up and have it removed after the baby comes? Just a guess.

6. Been there. Little turds. Haha.

7. will check it out.

8. YAY! Pictures!

9. I have anonymous commenters. Mystery to me...

10. Tell me about it. Addison produces toxic waste. EW!

Unknown said...

Ok, nevermind. I just read Grammie's comment. Yeah, the surgeon does do biopsies and you don't go under for them! Uh... duh to me!

Lindsay said...

why is it that us george girls like weird smells? it makes me feel creepy...i mean skunk... HONESTLY... i love it too don't get me wrong... there's something nastily appealing about it...About all the other stuff...i didn't know you had GD with Jake? Did Amy have it ever? I don't want that. Also, i agree with sheriece, yay for pictures! Okay that's it.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that I have a friend that likes the smell of skunk too. I love it!! Sorry about the headaches, my migraines have been out of control for the last month and they can't seem to find something that works. Glad to hear that you are healing I hope it continues to get better. Eat up girl, and I know you can do that!! I totally understand the whole kid fart smell. 17 6 year olds in one room and somebody letting one rip all the time, man it's gross.

Tara said...

1. wierdo!
2. I hate that, I had debilitating headaches for 3 weeks after Josh, I COMPLETELY sympathize!
3. Yes, seeing the baby often is WAY cool!
4. I'm sorry to hear about that, but maybe it will make your preg and post-preg time easier if you are not addicted to chocolate like I was/am.
5.I have more friends my age with lumps that freak them out, then end up being cysts or something like that, I had no idea how common that is! I know that doesn't make it any easier to deal with, but at least stats are in your favor, right? (I pray that everything is ok with that)6.hehehe :) I'm with ya!
7. Adoption is amazing!
8. can't wait to see the pics
9.I wish more people would leave comments too, I love comments!
10. I know girls can hold their own, but I SWEAR boys are stinkier than girls!

Valinda said...

I love your lists of junk they make me laugh and I really need that at the end of a long day sewing! I hope all your possible maladies turn out okay. How can skinny little you get GD? I have 3 girls but the 1 boy I watch can smell worse than all 3 combined in one ...blow. Stay in one healthy piece!