Friday, October 12, 2007

Wednesday - Waiting for Jake Photosession

Everyday we drive to the end of the street and wait for Jake's bus to drop him off. The road down to our house isn't that long, but it's really hot outside and there's no AC on the bus so by the time Jake gets home he's drenched. I try to help out when I can by picking him up. On this particular day, Kora was in a feisty little mood and wanted to take pictures of silly faces. We also played "I spy" which was fun and she is GOOD, way better than I expected her to be.

I honestly think Kora makes the best facial expressions ever. Come to think of it, all my kids do!

I wonder where they get it from...??

I love that gap in between Kora's front teeth, it's so precious! Don't I look scary here? Is this the face my children see when I'm yelling at them? yikes...

This is my favorite face on Kora by far, it's so blah and puffed, I love it!


Lindsay said...

you and kora look so cute in these pictures...i can't believe you're almost 30, your skin looks amazing. honestly.

Unknown said...

A comment and a question:

- Kora is seriously TOO cute.

- Where did you get that top? No seriously. I want it. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jess!

Oh, you know, a little of here, a little of there. Mostly Baby Gap (their striped tights are a girl's best friend), but we have some Janie and Jack hand-me-downs, and when they have 50% off sales, Lucky is pretty rad. Junkfood t-shirts are TOO CUTE, but are soooo expensive. Addison got one for her birthday and it's my favorite. Let me know if you need any links!