Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Trip to the Patch of Pumpkins

I got to go with Kora to the pumpkin patch today with her class as their field trip. Austin stayed home with my deathly ill Jake and little Milo. It was fun to watch her in this type of atmosphere interacting with kids her age. She's TOTALLY different with her friends! It was so funny because she acted shy and was really quiet and a little stand-offish. Completely opposite of how she is at home. When we first got there, the class gathered to hear a Halloween story from their teacher. This picture is actually her 4 year old class AND the 3 year old class.
After the story they all ran through the haystack maze about 62 times. I took this picture as I was coming towards this group with a chainsaw getting ready to cut their little heads off. Just kidding, but its looks like I'm about to do something terrible with all their hands up protecting their faces huh? "NO NO, DON'T KILL US!!!" The little dude in the green and white is Jackson. Kora SWEARS he is only a friend that is a boy, but I think she secretly has a huge crush on him. He's the cutest boy in the class and ironically, he has a lot of Jake's features which I found interesting.

Here she is picking her pumpkin. This is Kora: All the moms are helping their kids pick the prettiest pumpkin telling them, "oh that one is dirty, that one has a hole, the stem is missing on that one..." So what does Kora do? She picks the dirtiest, most damaged, with no stem pumpkin just to be different. I love that! I didn't bother to tell her which one to pick because no matter what I say, she always does the exact opposite.

She's got her name on her pumpkin and she's ready to go!

What a goof nut.

Here is her class picture, again, the sun was scorching the retinas out of their little eyeballs.

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Amanda said...

LOve that girl!!!