Friday, October 5, 2007

A short list of junk

1. Jake missed school on Tuesday because he was sick, went to the fair sick on Wednesday, tried going to school on Thursday but left early because he wasn't feeling well and then tried AGAIN today but STILL wasn't feeling well so he left early. UGH...

2. Jake was telling me that he wants a girlfriend like Lily on "Hannah Montana" a girl that's not TOO girly and kinda tough. He told me that Jade was just like that and he still really likes her. When I reminded him that she was a little older than him, he said, "I know, but that's okay because my friend Tyler's mom is older than Tyler's dad." Look out Danielson's, it looks like Jake is on a mission to get what he wants and nothin' is gonna stand in his way. I thought it was funny that he brought her name up because he never really talks about her anymore. I guess her memory still lingers!

3. Got one party tonight but NONE tomorrow because it's my birthday!!! yipee!!! What a great boss I have to give me my birthday off huh? Oh wait, that's me!

4. While I was making dinner last night, I had a pot of sauce simmering and then a pot of noodles I was boiling. I took the pot of noodles off the burner and over to the sink to drain and then Kora walks over to the stove and decides to put her hand on the hot burner where the noodles were to see if it was hot..hmm..yes it was. So she screams bloody murder and I of course freak out as I'm yelling for Jake to go get this and that, Miah to get out of there, Austin to look online to see what we should do. I took her to the sink and we ran cool water over her hand for 40 minutes and it was a LOOOOOONG 40 minutes because she was screaming and crying the whole time. Austin gave her a blessing and I also gave her some Motrin to ease the pain. After 40 minutes of screaming and yelling, I told her we were going to take the hand out of the water and it may still burn but she needs to stay calm to listen to my instructions. She did awesome even though I KNOW it was still burning badly. We wrapped it up in gauze and then a bandage and let her fight it out on the couch with her blanky and soy soy (soy milk). I honestly don't think I could have done as good as she did. I know that feeling of the burning going through your hand when you take it out of the water, it feels like it will never stop. She kept saying things like, "I can never go to school again!!" "I can't handle this pain!" "This is worse than a gun shooting in me!" It was heart wrenching but after about 30 more minutes of squirming, she fell asleep...thank GOSH. She's feeling great today and when we looked at the hand it looks like it's gonna be okay. I figure she has 2nd degree burns because it's pretty blistered and cream colored on her palm and fingertips. I hate that feeling though, the feeling of seeing your child in SO MUCH pain but you can't do anything to take it away. This is her second hand burn; the first was when she was two and she grabbed the iron. Jake still remembers that day because Aunt Ni (Lindsay) was there with him when I took her to the doctor and they made a cake for her when we came home. Still, neither of these is as bad as when Jake got his hand stuck in the treadmill - that STILL gives me the willies thinking of how his hand looked, I thought he was gonna be deformed for life. Ahhh, the joys of parenthood.

5. I've decided to make a goal that is DO-ABLE for me and then work my way up. I have decided to allow myself ONE coke (this is the universal Texas name for any carbonated drink, my favorite being the Dr as most of you already know) a day for a week. The next week I can only do every other day, then so on and so on until I'm down to about 1-2 a week. I think I can handle this rather than going cold turkey on it.


Lindsay said...

awww... Jake has such a good memory.. first remembering Jade with such vigor and then remembering when we made a cake together when Kora burned her hand...hell, i don't even remember that. Well... kinda. Poor Kora, tell her that Ni sent a kiss on a plane that should arrive any day and she'll feel better when it gets there. Also, going cold turkey is the best way to stop an addiction but gradual is okay too. Unless it's alcohol...that's rough...but i wouldn't know...okay..later OH...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARLY!!!!! You are a beautiful 29 year old woman!!!!! k bye.

Amanda said...

POOR KORA:( That sounds AWFUL!!!!! I have ALWAYS been paranoid when cooking in the Kitchen.....I hope it heals quickly!

Tara said...

So sweet Jess! Jade so remembers Jake, and every now and then we talk about the wedding, him, letters, etc. She has jumped in her maturity, being a 10 yr old lady now, but when they get older, the years won't matter, who knows?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I think you just get more beautiful and more beautiful, you age gorgeously! Your last year in your 20's, so cool! Almost 30, and 30 is THE BEST!!! I LOVE being 30!

Poor Kora, I went through a little oven burn a few months ago, and it is still fresh in my mind how it takes FOREVER for the pain to stop. Poor little thing!

Way to go on the coke thing, I still have to muster the courage to do the same with chocolate, keep us posted!