Friday, September 28, 2007

A List of Junk

Here we go again...

1. I got two parties tonight that I'm trying to get ready for but I SOOOOO want to take a nap right now instead :(

2. It's been 2 days and counting since Miah had a poo and I'm startin to think that we may need to make a little trip up to Walgreens for a handy dandy suppository *YIKES* That brings back bad memories of Jake being a little guy and needing me to "deliver" his bowel movement. Let's hope it doesn't go that far this time.

3. Austin's birthday is on Monday (31 years) and even though he said we weren't doing presents this year (which I took seriously) I'm feeling like he's getting ME something for mine. Now what do I do? The present I had originally planned on getting him BEFORE the no present agreement needs to be ordered and that's not gonna happen fast. Ideas?

4. I'm currently trying to write a new 2008 program for Princess Parties since I change it every year but like usual, I'm having a hard time finding motivation. I also need to hire a new girly to work Fort Worth when I move. It seems like I have SO much to do and SO little time. *whine*

5. My dad just bought an iPod and he's been going crazy downloading songs to put on it. He was so excited about all the songs he purchased that he made a "Dad's Favorite Songs" CD for everyone in the family. Is he just being sweet or trying to get the most out of each 99 cent song? (where is the cent symbol on the keyboard?) Either way, I love him :)

6. I picked up our neighbor this morning to take her and Jake to school and she was wearing this big 'ole pink cowboy hat. She told me it was crazy hat day at school. I asked Jake why he didn't tell me and why he isn't wearing a hat. He told me if you wanted to participate in crazy hat day, you had to bring 50 cents (once again...the cent symbol??). I said, "Jake, I would have given you 50 cents, why didn't you ask me?" He said, " I don't wanna spend 50 cents just to wear a hat to school!!" WoW, he didn't get that money saving way of thinkin from me...that's for sure!

7. I have SOO much to clean upstairs it's mind boggling. Two baskets of laundry that needs to be folded, a dirty toilet with proof of a potty trainer in the works, a vanity that looks like birds have pooped all over it because of all the toothpaste chunks that have hardened around the sink, 5 beds that all need to be made and have clean sheets put on them (no, me and Austin don't have separate beds, we just have an extra one in case we have an escapee in the middle of the night), and much much more. Maybe if I wish upon a star, when I come home from my parties everything will be done....ooooooooooh la la.

8. The Fair opened today!!! I LOVE THE FAIR!!!

9. And now, I need to go get Princess-ized. The End!


Amanda said...

LOved your list! I do not know how you have the time or energy to do your parties and take care of 3 kiddos! Props to you!

Lindsay said...

why does your life seem so exciting? i don't understand... why is mine so boring? maybe it's my outlook.. hmm.