Monday, July 23, 2007

Things that I love about kids (mine especially!)

Here are a few pictures, recent and old that help explain to you all the things I love about kids.
I love that they have great imaginations.
(This is Jakob being Wolverine from X-Men)

They be brave when they have to, even when it's hard.

They love to dress up!!!!

They love their mawmaws and pawpaws.

They love their brothers and sisters (when no one is looking!)

They're proud of their accomplishments and aren't afraid to show it!

They have bad days too.

They sleep so deeply, so preciously and SOooOOooOOooOo quietly.

Their top lip gets stained when they drink koolaid!
Don't ya just love kids?!


Amanda said...

so sweet:) I loved learning about your kiddos!

molly said...

What a fun and sweet post! I always like seeing picture of you kiddos! So cute!

Anonymous said...

I miss all those kiddos. I loved the sweet picture of Jake in his graduation cap with his diploma. It really took me back to when he was in my class and how that helped me to meet and make friends with such a great person.