Thursday, July 19, 2007

My parent's house A.K.A. our home for now too!

Like you requested, here are some pictures of my parent's home. Welcome to the George's, come on in, get comfortable and let's take a tour!
This is the kitchen which opens to the kitchen table and the living area.

Here is the office which is on your left when you first walk in the door.

Here is the formal dining area which in on the right when you first walk in the door.

Here is the family room/living area which is connected to the kitchen which I showed you above. If you go around the corner to the right between the kitchen and the living area, you will go to the laundry room and to a hall down to my parent's bedroom. If you go to the left around the corner you'll see the play room and the workout room.

Here is the stairway which is right in front of you when you walk through the door and it leads up to our "apartment"!

Here is the boys' beds and the upstairs game room (as you can plainly tell).

This is the other side of the game room which overlooks down onto the living area. The double doors on the left lead into the movie theater and if you go to the right (where I'm standing taking the picture) you'll find our bedroom.

Here is the inside of the movie theater (super cool huh?)

I didn't take any pictures of the our bedroom because I didn't want to show you guys the mess we have in there at this time. Just imagine panties stuck to the walls, two unmade beds, a makeshift bed on the floor because Jake was too scared to sleep in HIS bed last night, a messy computer desk, and a Roscoe strewn out on the floor. Add a few kids sprawled out on the beds and floors and you get the picture!


Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

Sorry to put you on hold for so long Amanda, I have more coming later, I just need to take Jake to gymnastics!!!

Lindsay said...

can't wait to come home.... mmm... vacatiiioon.

Amanda said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! It is hard picturing the Georges in any other house than the one you grew up in though!!!! I love the front circle drive and the stone work and the trees!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

Camilla said...

what a gorgeous home. looks comfy.

Bonnie said...

Holy freakin' cow!!!!! I think I'm staying at the George's the next time I go to TEXAS! That place is HUGE!