Tuesday, July 10, 2007


You've come a long way sweet baby Lorlin...what a precious baby girl you are!!!

Here's Miah loving Chuck E. Cheese. When he first come out to make his appearance, I grabbed Miah away from the games and was walking over there to Chuckie. As soon as Miah saw him he squeezed me super tight and started saying, "no no no" because he was scared. Once we got up closer to him, he saw Lauren dancing and having fun with Chuckie and then all of sudden he was fine and was wanting down to play with him too!! Normally he would have never done that, but I think Lauren showed him how much fun he can have if he just loosens up!! What a great cousin team they are :)

Here's Lauren blowing out her cupcakes which she only did about 30 times.

Lauren and Miah had so much fun on this monster truck ride. They rode it over and over and over and...

Kora loved the roller coaster ride too!

Here's me being a nerd eating a cupcake. Don't even ask me what this face is, it looks like this cupcake is doing a number on my stomach and I'm needing to use the restroom (or maybe I'm too late!)

Here's my sweet father, I love him :)

Kora eating sweets...what's new?


Lindsay said...

cuteness and cupcakes.... is there ever a better juxtaposition? I think not.

Amanda said...

Loved all these pictures:) Show us some of your parents new house and your mom!!!!