Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's a day of fun at the ZOOOOO!!!!!

Today we got to go to the Fort Worth Zoo with my sister Amy and her two kids Lauren and Aidan AND my mom and dad. We had so much fun!! The weather was perfecto and it was the first zoo trip for Lauren and Miah where they could actually enjoy it so that was fun for them! Miah was a little nervous about the big animals and although he didn't ACT nervous, he was shaking like a mad man when he saw the gorillas! He kept waving and smiling, but shaking like crazy all the while. I don't blame him though...Lindsay, remember those gorillas at the Dallas Zoo...oh yeah...freaky! Anyway, here are some cute photos from that fun event!


Lindsay said...

once again... i was not in attendance. I wanna come back home.

Bonnie said...

This was a boring one... I think you are still feeling around, trying to find your blog-self. But, you know... your kids help though... they always make it better.