Monday, September 13, 2010

freedom walk.

near the anniversary of 9/11,
the DOD schools on base here at camp lejeune,
host a freedom walk.
just a walk around the block of the entire school
waving flags
singing patriotic songs
shaking tambourines
flying streamers
and wearing homemade
red, white and blue leis and hats
and much much more!
it's so exciting!
a lot of the parents walk with their kids
but since i can't be two places at once
i had to send flat Lover.

and apparently,
he CAN be two places at once.
but not before growing a foot or two
putting on some nice pressed white pants
and a fancy button necklace.
gosh he's great.

ok sooo,
i don't even know these two kids.
but i took their picture
because i couldn't resist how precious they were!
they were so proud,
holding their flag together.
how creepy am i?
yay freedom!

then i went home and got cRaZy busy packing.
but it wasn't long before i ended up in tears
after finding the first pair of shoes
jake ever wore as a baby.
and when i compared them
to the church shoes he wears today,
my heart sank.
where did my baby jake go?
*sick stomach*
those teeny shoes don't even fit
my tiniest baby.
after i cried my eyes out
in the corner of an empty room
filled with boxes,
(yea, real pretty, but it felt good so shut it)
i picked up the shoes,
slipping the smaller one
into the bigger one.
like a little piggy back ride
and then,
what an amazing metaphor
of my hopes and dreams
for my 3 littler boys.


Kristina P. said...

Your Lover has never looked better.

A Beautiful Life said...

Eggroll can rock any outfit, obviously.

Sadness about the baby shoesies...but I loved your metaphor, and that's why I haven't gone through my boxes in the basement, I want Bewtcut to be snipped before i start getting rid of all the baby stuff, so that I won't get any crazy ideas. ;)

cleansing tears...cleansing tears...

Shell said...

Baby shoes get me every time. Actually, anything teeny tiny. Even getting rid of my maternity clothes is causing me to tear up.

LOL @ the pic of the random kids. It's sweet.

Tractor Mom said...

It makes me sob too when I pack away my babies clothes that he has out-grown. As much as we look forward to seeing them grow up, it still breaks our hearts!

Lover is killing me! The man is amazing being everywhere!

Come by when you get the mascara off your face...

Losing Brownies said...

I try every time I have to pack away one of The Boy's outfits. I can't bare to pack his coming home outfit so it sits on top of my hopechest and I look at it all teary eyed everytime I see it.

Justine said...

How adorable!

Just Better Together

andi said...

Cry it out girlfriend. I feel ya.

No Model Lady said...

Please tell me you DO know that's Aidin, right? Because he told me yesterday he saw you on a walk and you didn't wave. He was quite offended...

E said...

Still love the pics of Lover. Such a great fun idea for the kids while he's gone so they can feel like he's there :)

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I was just at the shoe store yesterday buying my son a new pair and laughing about all the tiny shoes he was too small to fit into when I first looked for shoes to him. It's crazy how fast they grow! I love your shoe picture.

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Unknown said...

I'm so glad flat Lover could be there for the kiddos!

Awwww...cute little baby shoes!!!! So sweet!

MommaKiss said...

I'm wondering if Flat Lover will ever be in the Boston-ish area...he'd fit right in!
baby shoes. Sigh. Major MAJOR sigh.

Anonymous said...

Reading that made me teary..stupid hormones

LisaDay said...

Flat Daddy. Too creative.

They do grow so fast.


Unknown said...

I've become a huge fan of your blog. Your enthusiasm in spite of everything is something to be very proud of - you are very inspiring!