Thursday, September 23, 2010

embrace the camera: sad mommies

it's thursday.
i'm late on this, but nonetheless, here.
not to be downer
but my embrace the camera for this week
is to document that mommies do cry
or a lot of the times.
leaving lejeune
came with many mixed emotions.
and arriving in texas,
was nothing different.
sometimes mommies do cry.
and it's not pretty,
or fun,
or even something we necessarily
want to remember.
but it's part of life.
and doing it,
doesn't make us any less of a mommy.
sometimes we just need it.
and on this day, i did.
i'm here.
we're safe.
we're unpacking.
and soon we'll be back to a normal routine.
forgive me for being a slacker.
wanna embrace the camera
every thursday like me?


Unknown said...

You're so pretty, even when you're crying! I'm sorry you were having a sad moment. I think you're amazing! I love your blog and your FB updates always make me laugh. We're lucky you're back in Texas!

Unknown said...

You are beautiful, and brave. Hearts.

amylouwhosews said...

i feel like this too and I didn't move. Well not in the last 4 months anyway. Adjusting is hard. xoxo

Losing Brownies said...

Yes, even mommies need to cry. Although you look great for being in tears. I'm always a blubbering mess!

I hope unpacking and the routine gets underway soon. I know rountine is the best thing for me!

hill said...

i love your shot and your honesty. so refreshing. hang in there. xoxo.

zoo keeper said...

oh this makes me sad! stop that you are amazing and U know it! turn on some of ur gaga, britney and beyonce...they're real good at helping get thru it all!
love ya!

Anonymous said...

Your sexy cryin or not! Hope your unpacking goes faster than mine (I still have many many many boxes in the garage)! THINKING OF YOU!!

Kristina P. said...

I thought you got some type of lip plumper! How do you still look gorgeous even in the midst of a crying session?

Hang in there!

Shay said...

Oh Jessica! My heart is aching for you. Cry your heart are a beautiful and wonderful mom. I go red and puffy and it's not a pretty sight when I cry...Eck! hehehehe! It's just not the same around here without you. You are missed!

Stormy Seaworthy said...

Oh my, this is moving. And you are so pretty even when you are crying. I'm so sorry and thank you for sharing with us as we all can certainly relate on one thing and that is we all cry too.

Just SO said...

You know it is good to cry sometimes. Even though we don't want to. I probably should document some of those times myself.

Megan Smith said...

awww! maybe watching this would make you feel a tad bit better..

praying dear :(

Chernobyl said...

If we drank, I would totally bring over the margarita machine.

dena said...

okay, liv tyler with the lips. i'm feeling a random park in between resortwall and fw calling us.

Justine said...

you're a strong woman. an even stronger woman for making this post! :)

Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

Michael DeSa said...

I hate that you are so pretty even when you are crying....

Summer said...

Even when you're crying you still look great! So happy you made it safe and sound. I love that you show life isn't always about rainbows and butterflies. Mommies have hard/sad times too and we are allowed to cry too!

Anonymous said...

I should cry more often. I hold it in too much which I know isn't healthy. Why do we think we shouldn't cry in front of the kids? We do every other emotion in front of them..ummm..yeah...maybe I will just cry next time. Hell, I wanted to cry when I saw your eyes. Peace.

Camilla said...

That was definitely a keepin' it real moment. It broke my heart. Love you!

Unknown said...

Oh honey. I'm sorry. ((HUGS))

emily anderson said...

i'm sad for you...but if it makes you feel better, you are one, hot, cryin' mama.

Lindsay said...

your lips are luscious... i shall steal them during christmas.