Monday, March 8, 2010

An unhealthy addiction...or not?

This season of American Idol pretty much SUCKS.
I said it.
You were ALL thinking it, I just said it.
There is only ONE reason I continue to watch it this season and that one reason is...
~LaCeY BrOwN~
(you like how I did that all junior high style?)

That's right people.
I am in LOVE with this girl.
Her voice is great, I mean, it's not fantASTICAL, but it's good.
My obsession for Lacey does not lie solely in her coice.
Oh no my friends.
My obsession with Lacey is her freakin AMAZING STYLE.
Oh my gosh.

For some reason all I can think about is wanting her ENTIRE wardrobe.
I want her jewelry.
I want her accessories.
Have you seen her radical headbands? Those feathers and flowers?
I want her cool hair.
(except not on me cuz I have a long neck and small head...bleck).
I wanna be as DARLING as this cutie!!

I seriously drool over the outfits she puts together.
I SO WISH I had those fashion skills.
This is exactly the way I wish I could dress.
The best part is...
she's from TEXAS!!

I mean come on,
look at those necklaces!!
Why can I not throw something that random together and look smokin hot?
That sequin vesty vest?

This was BY FAR my favorite outfit so far.
I love that top and have never seen one like it anywhere.
And again, those jewels!!

And her hair is ALWAYS perfectly coiffed.
I only WISH I could look that cute with hair like that.
Look at this rad dress ensemble!!
Why was I not blessed with these mad fashion skilz?!

I've pretty much decided that I need to BFF this girl.
I need to find her, and BFF her so we can go shopping together and she can pick out all my clothes.
Until then, I'll just be crazy stalkery and print off every picture I find of her and paste them spookily all over my bathroom mirror in hopes that staring at her long enough will rub some sort of magic fashion spell over me.
I 'heart' you Lacey Brown!
Google your name and FIND ME!!!!
Speaking of new BFF's, I have one that just started a new blog and is hoping for mad success. She's brand new to the blogging world (kinda) so I want all you readers to go over there and give her a nice warm welcome! Be sure to follow her if you think she's as cool as I do!


Ashley Stone said...

I like her too, I've been voting for her. I know...her style rocks!

dena said...

she's my fav too. i just think she's as cute as can be. she's all petite and proportional. she's a pretty one!

Anonymous said...


julielollar said...

I LOVE her too! She's greatness! :)

Gwen said...

She's not my favorite, not by a long shot.............but I agree. This year's IDOL does SUCK. Yet.....there I will be again tonight :)

Heidi said...

I just had to coment - I was seriously drooling over that white top with the puffed sleeves!! She truly has the most amazing, amazing style - I love to see what she will wear!! LOVED this post Jessica....I bet if you had a whole shopping week to yourself and thousands of could pull that off too!!!

Jill said...

Are you serious? You just like her because she is from Texas. Her voice is okay but she's just kinda boring to me! And I so don't get her sense of fashion and style but Lord knows I am no fashionista! I think you are way prettier and cooler!

A Beautiful Life said...

I forget about American Idol..i'll have to watch it tonight to hear, I do love her fashionista style though, very cute, you could totally pull off her style and maybe even her hairdid cuz you have similar eyes! I want that white shirt and i guess I need to start layering my necklaces, oh and first I need to get rid of my muffin top...

Staci said...

i dont know why everyone is thinking this season sucks...i think there are a lot more talented people this yr then the last two seasons. I have a lot of favorites so im hooked. OF COURSE lacey is in my top 3 girls..i love Didi(i dont care how much the judges rip on her) Lacey style is so freakin and steph talk about that all the actually dying my hair red again..inspired by her.

Lindsay said...

i am TOTALLY in 100% agreement. i wish i had a lacey suit to put on everyday... then i could go out with confidence that no matter WHAT i'm wearing... i'm CUTE as a button. i know i know... sounds creepy... but that's the way i like it.

Unknown said...

I love Lacey! She just seems so personable on top of it all! And yes, her style is awesome and she is so darn cute! I think my favorite overall though is Didi Benami. She just sings my kind of music. :o)

***** said...

She is a hotty stylin' Texan. You could totally pull off any of those outfits. Just go for it in your closet. Have Izey pick out four items of clothing or acessories and wear them all together. I dare you.

shinergirltx said...

found this:,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=147&navAction=jump&color=&pushId=W_TOPS&popId=WOMENS&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

thought it may work in place of the zebra puff sleeve shirt. Try for anthropologie type looks...

Stephanie Kelly said...

AGREED....Lacy's been my vote this season...I cant wait to see more of her....her outfits that is!

Goodnight moon said...

I LOVE her style!!! But there is only one problem....I would have to put a paper bag over my head so I wouldn't be unforgetable.

See Mom Smile said...

Yes I want to be her when I grow up. Or at least find out where she shops. I be bet she is into thrift stores. I agree, this season stinks. I like Crystal Bowersox too. I just wish someone would find her tooth.

Justine said...

I love her style too!