Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am ever so grateful :)

I didn't feel like my Friday post gave enough credit to my lovely vendors who participated in the 12 Weeks of Give-Uh-ways.
I wanted to single them all out
just to say
for the Sasha ABC baby wrap
for the baby leg warmers
for the mini beach tote
for the Shielding Lotion
for the custom made Tutu
for the Baby Cozy
for the Robot soft book and Doll
for the Clutch and Tote
for the Butterfly Jumper
for the Baby Booties
for the Number Series Custom Art
for the Beautiful Princess Dress
Be sure and stop by your favorite vendors' links and order something that you'd enjoy to have of your very own. That is, of course, if you didn't already win it!
Enjoy your Monday.
And check out my Lover over HERE.


Kris said...

Jessica, I have not yet received my robot. I am pretty sure I was going to be getting this. When will it be arriving?

Unknown said...

You are very welcome. Skin MD Natural was happy to participate in your 12 weeks of give-uh-ways.

Valinda said...

It was fun! I will have to make up some new prototypes to send you for the next round of giveaways :)

***** said...

You are such a one-stop shop on this post...Thanks! Dave Ramsey is not thanking you for finding wants, wants, and more wants for me to.....want.