Friday, February 19, 2010

Penguin Stands Alone - WINNER!

THE MOST entries.
50 comments, 99 entries.
My sister ROCKS.
I wish I could give every ONE of you something from Lindsay.
But I think she'd hate me if I promised you all consolation prizes.
Just go bug her yourself for jobs you want done!!
If you're name was drawn, email me with your contact information so I can forward it to Lindsay and you guys can discuss what you want created.
It's gonna be amazing, remember, I told you Valinda was coming baaaaaaack!!!


Goodnight moon said...

I'm pretty sure that my name today is Ashley Stone. I'm so excited!!!!!! Thanks!!!!

Val said...

you meant Valerie Stone right? simple typo I get it

Ashley Stone said...

I can't watch the video for some reason, my computer won't let me, but I'm Ashley Stone!! Did I win? YAY!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...




Shannon said...

Bad Jake.

Joanna said...

Say it isn't so!!!!!! I was supposed to win - did you not get my bribe?!!! I still think I should because Stone is actually my maiden name. Really!

Oh well, congrats to Ashley - you are one lucky lady!!!

Lindsay said...

Ashley Stone.. you ARE the winner! :) i am flattered that so many people want one of my artworks. yay.

Brooke H. said...

I really am so sad about not winning this even though I would have no idea what I would have had her make for me! And I am also disappointed that my sisters did not even try to win!