Friday, February 26, 2010


First of all, I challenge all of you to use your hair as a mustache and wear it like this for the entire duration of reading this post.
It'll make it more fun.
Come on. No one's looking, just do it.

So since Miah has school in the morning,
the two big kids have school,
and Gus Gus has his long nap in the morning,
the entire morning is dedicated to my Penny Guy.
He LOVES this time because it's all about HIM.
And he LOVES to get his picture taken.
He knows he's super yummy with those big blue eyes.

Our list of activities is quite interesting:
Remove all the cushions from the couch and collect the "treasures" we find underneath them.
Wrestle and kiss and hug and roll around and kiss and hug some more.
Remove all the utensils from the silverware drawer and throw them across the kitchen.
Try on all of the clothes in the clean pile that Mom hasn't folded and it's been sitting there for days.
Put socks and babylegs on our hands and feet and head and torso.
(yes, I'm that thin.)
Izey's favorite is cooking though.
He loves to pretend cook.
Here he is making a delicious sock soup.

Lately he's been addicted to wearing his special hat.
I love how he wears it like David Beckham.
What a hottie.

Usually when I make dinner,
I prop Penny up on the counter so he can keep me company as he watches.
He also loves to wipe his snotty face all over my spoons.
It makes dinner all the more tasty.

Okay you can put your hair 'stache down now.
Wasn't that fun?
Wanna do something else fun?


David and Teresa said...

Love that boy and his runny crusty nose. Dad

Amanda said...

we have the snot on everything too:) Oh the joys! He is adorable and many of those activities sound just like Liam.....but how the heck do you cook dinner with him on the counter. Liam would cut himself, burn, himself and then kill himself!

Monica said...

Am I the only one waiting in suspense for the weekly give-uh-way winner??? You're killing me Smalls!

Stephanie Kelly said...

He so flippin adorable...I want to come to Penny and mommy time that sounds like so much fun.

Stephanie Kelly said...

He so flippin adorable...I want to come to Penny and mommy time that sounds like so much fun.

nat said...

aw he's so cute....don't you hate having to put all those couch cushions back...i do that almost on a daily basis too and i'm sick of it...

Lindsay said...

penny.. you and i are gonna wrastle and kiss and hug when IIII get there!!! you hear me!!!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

Also a favorite post of mine...I love how effortlessly you make me die with laughter!