Monday, January 25, 2010

12 Weeks of Give-Uh-Ways

It's week #8 and,


This week's featured vendor is Lynette from

Is she not just the cutest thing ever?

Lynette is another one of those amazingly talented Kelly girls.

Enough said, right?

She owns a fabulous little shop in Provo, UT where she sells some of her adorably unique creations. I love this girl's style. It's so me.

Awkward and Interesting.

She makes the coolest bags and clothing out of old or vintage fabric.

It's freakin AwEsOmE.

She also does tailoring and teaches sewing classes in her shoppy shop shop.

Not to mention she's married to a really cool music artist.

Check him out HERE or HERE.

To be honest with you, I've never ACTUALLY met Miss Lady Danburry.

But I hear she's a doll.

Can't you tell?

Yes, she MADE that swimmer.

It's one of my favorite pieces she's designed.

If she can make my ghetto girl bum look that precious, I want one too.

Lady Danburry is donating...

One handmade art tote


A handmade clutch.

It kills me to have these items in my home.


I've recently become a huge fan of lace and have bought a few doilies from different antique shops so when she sent me this tote selection, I about melted.

My YW stuff would look so cute in that bag!

And don't even get me started on this clutch.

Do you have ANY idea how perfectly all of my Dave Ramsey envelopes would fit in there?

TOOOOO perfectly.

And my favorite part about it?

The lining.

It rules.

If you're not drooling yet, you're crazy.

You MUST enter this one.

If only to win and mail it right back to me.

Do It!

To enter:

Leave me a comment filling in the blank:

I was most proud of myself when I ______.

For additional entries:

Post on Facebook

Post on your blog

Leave Lynette a comment HERE.


NieNie comment = Instant win

Be sure to let me know what you did!

Good luck!


Brandi said...

Oh You KNOW I want this.

I was most proud of myself when I dropped out of college and became a flight attendant. OH yeah. : p

Goodnight moon said...

I have looked at her blog before, and she is AMAZING!!!!!

I was most proud of myself when....I was going through my divorce and was a single STRUGGLING working mom to Isabel. I've never felt more accomplished in my life.

I FB it!!!!

word v: tocyc

Goodnight moon said...

I also left Lady D a comment!

word v: antec

Froggylady said...

I am most proud of myself when sitdown at night in a clean house with nothing left on that day's to-do list.

wv: ressesse

Anna said...

I was most proud of myself when I had 2 babies in less than 18 months AND some how managed taking car of them! Now that they're a little older----can't say I know how to manange them as well. But, still----proud moment either way!

I commented on Lynette's blog. Couldn't help it after seeing that swim suit. Seriously, I've been looking for one of those 50's style suits for YEARS!

Amanda said...

I was most proud of myself when....a situation with my boys arise and I don't lose my temper. Honestly this is true. Nothing else in my life is more important to me than raising them with as little anger as possible. I have a long way to go on this..

and those bags are so cute!

Michele Rad-Man said...

Finally!! A Give-uh-way for us baby-less chicks!!

I was most proud of myself when I drove 14 hours to Indiana, totally solo with two kids. All in one day, not to mention the drive home.

Now give me the bags and no one gets hurt!

Michele Rad-Man said...

And I posted this on FB!

Kathy said...

I was most proud of myself when I gave birth to my daughter with no drugs. Yeah, baby! I want these two things because they are very awesome and also not baby things. Yay!

Stephanie Kelly said...

I have too many proud moments in my life Hahahh ;) And even with all the moments I am very proud of and most think those are more important things….but one of my most proudest moments was when I was on the High School Drama team; me and my best friend did the “Duet Improve” ,where we had to make up short skits in under 30 mins...we were so F-ING funny and freaking the time we made it to the finals we had a whole room full of fans to come watch us perform...we ended up winning 1st place!!! Every now and then I pull that cheap plastic trophy with the two drama faces out of my "High School keep sake” box and feel a sense of PRIDE!!!
I'm sure once I have children that might change......or not hahhah, that moment was freakin awesome!

posted on my blog
posted on my Facebook!!!

3 entries YO....(and I am working on NeiNie)

I NEED TO WIN THISSSSS...My cuz is so adorable and awesome!

Stephanie Kelly said...

ohhh and I left Lanetty a comment! :)

Crystal Burch said...

I was most proud of myself when..I became a mother for the second time (so I had a newborn and a 2 year old) and 21 hours of school to finish my B.S. in Psychology. It was an insane time in my life for a few months but I am proud that I finished b/c I wanted to quit so many times!!! Now, I'm about to have my 3rd while working on my Master's haha.

Tara said...

I was most proud TODAY. I am terrified of school, but I made it through paperwork, talking to bitchy worn-out ladies, going home to my kid's confused emotions about life and helping them feel stable, making them laugh, AND standing firm on a painful decition I made that any other time in the past 13 yrs, I would have caved. But NOT TODAY!

dana j. said...

eeeekkk so cute!!!

i felt most proud when i graduated with my undergrad after SEVEN freakin years.

also posted on my facebook :)

Candace said...

I was most proud of myself when... I graduated from college??? I guess... :)

These are super cute!

word v: uppolous

dena said...

MOST proud?! wow. i'm gonna go with plain ole proud. i will be plain ole proud of myself when i finalllllllllllllllly finish this site update that's been hanging over my head since i got the rockin' logo from lindsay when i simultaneously found out dane was hangin' out in my uterus and he veered my website life off course for tooo long. now to shower so i can get workin'! i think better clean!

julielollar said...

I was most proud of myself when I twin newborns and a 19 month old and still managed to not go insane!

Froggylady said...

Facebooked it.

wv: demigrap

Froggylady said...

and I left Lady D a comment (thought I left this comment yesterday?)

Michael DeSa said...

I was most proud of myself when I held it together when Mike deployed and didn't just break down and die on the spot.

Val said...

I was most proud of myself when I did not shake either babies.

tiffanyg said...

I was most proud of myself when I finally went to a male OB doctor. (I mean why did they go in that field anyway).

Anonymous said...

I want that! I was most proud of myself when I folded all the laundry AND put it away.

C said...

I was most proud of myself RECENTLY when my adult kickball team that I captained won FIRST place in our Division. It might not sound competitive, but believe is! My sisters make fun of me for loving kickball so much, but I don't care. Kickball is freaking fun and my sisters are boring! :)

So I also gave you some love on Facebook and left Lady D a comment on her page regarding her sewing classes that I must attend sometime. I'm determined to win one of these days!

Jessica said...

lets keep this tote and bag in the family.

I was most proud...probably when I was induced and gave birth naturally. That produced some empowering endorphines.

Anonymous said...

you teach yws?

MiMi said...

I was most proud of myself when I graduated from college in April of 2009 after being a stay-at-home mother for 20+ years. Yes sista, that makes me about 47 years old when I received my NURSING DEGREE!! I now work full-time at a rehab center and I love it.

I am also proud of myself because I am the mother of 4 daughters (two of which I gave birth to naturally)who also follow your blog and who LOVE, LOVE your weekly wannabe (sp?)!!!!!

Aymee said...

Good day to you Mrs. Lowe! Okay, so I would love to get another little something from the "other" sister:)

I was most proud of myself when I finished my first marathon. And also when I had my little Piper fly out of my Vajayjay in 15 minutes. I never thought I could do that...but it worked out beautifully!

Lindsay said...

Finally..a giveaway that us non-yet-Moms can be a part of. Wink ;) :) :) :) I think I was most proud of myself for moving to a foreign country straight out of college, not knowing anyone. And I got a job AND found a hubby! Am posting now on my blog AND FB because I NEED those purses. :) L.Arentz
wv sater

Marnie said...

I was most proud of myself when I finally paid off my last student loan!

David and Teresa said...

I was and am most proud of myself for FINALLY losing the 40 pounds that no longer is following me around on my body. I really love those bags....I WANT THEM VERY MUCH.

Kim at Beehive Blog said...

hat tip - I am in Provo and will check out although I am only about 8 months late for giveaway! LOL - SITS!