Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Long Awaited Birthday Recap!

The night before my birthday I had gone to bed before My Lover and for some reason, my mind does these crazy things to me. It imagines an entire scenario that I WANT My Lover to do and then of course, I'm always disappointed and mad because it didn't happen. I don't know why I do that. I expect him to read my mind or something.
I went to bed early and my mind started to dream up this big plan that he was creating for me when I would wake up on my birthday. I imagined treats and love notes...the WHOLE shebang.
Well, half way through the night I got up to check the kitchen because I thought I smelled smoke and while up, I noticed that everything was the same. No notes, no treats, no special prizes. Only dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs on the table.

I almost couldn't get back to sleep I was so sad.
So in the morning, My Lover got up, got ready for work, and gave me a kiss goodbye.
"Happy Birthday Baby!"
He said.
And then he walked down the hall in his squeaky boots and I heard the door shut as he left.
I laid in my bed wide awake on my 31st birthday, already disappointed in myself for doing the same thing I do EVERY year. Expecting something grand.
I grabbed my phone and started checking emails until I realized that I hear those familiar squeaky boots coming closer to my door.
What's this?
I thought he had left, but he's here?
Then my door slowly opens and in walks My Sexy Lover holding a small plate with a single Eclair atop it with one candle, glowing in the dark room. A tiny cup of milk in my favorite glass in his other hand. And the best part? He sung to me :) A solo. A Happy Birthday solo in his manly cammies...just for me!
It was JUST what I needed to start my perfect day.
The 1st surprise of MANY to come!
I ate my donut in bed with Penny by my side who had woken up early just to be cuddly with me in the morning. My FAVORITE. He escaped midway through the donut and I let him wander the house. When it was time to finally get up, I walked into the kitchen to find the little Penny Guy with a BIG surprise of his own.
He had found the jackpot on the table and brought it down to his level to partake of sugary goodness!

Later that day I had planned to have lunch with three of my BFF's, Summer, Amber and Gia. They were going to take me someplace "fancy" as they kept calling it. Summer picked me up at noon and off we went to grab Gia on the way. She "wasn't ready" (or so she said) so we had to go in her house to wait for her and then...
You like my confused face?

I was completely and totally caught off guard and VERY embarrassed!!

Look how beautiful the girls decorated everything!!! And there was so much yummy food I could have eaten ALLLLL DAAAY.

Here's the lovely group of girls that greeted me as I walked in!
All in black of course to match me :)
Priscilla, Isis, Summer, ME, Amber with baby Evan and Jill.
Do you like how LOW(e) my baby is, about to fall out of my hoohaw?

And one more group shot with Jill taking it so Miss Gia could be shown as well!
Isn't she a precious with that wild hair?

My beautimous gift table.

We ate lots of food first and then we sat down to open gifts.
The one from Gia and Jill was perfect, but the bag and Peacock "plume" was the best part of it! They totally "Summer-fied" that present!

Amber made this amazing diaper cake!! Isn't it awesome? Who knew she was so talented with all her misspelled words!? I don't wanna take it apart it's so cute!

She also got me a silhouette picture from one of our favorite antique shops!
I love these things!

And then a HUGE basket of goodies.
One of the fun things in the bag were the clothes that Stephanie made for baby A. It was all aquatic themed with squids and submarines. SOO cute. The little squid pants were my favorite and I'll have to get a picture of those to show you later.

Then Steph threw in a little surprise which is
A sweater with a smokin terd on it!
Don't be jealous...I know you are!

When presents were over, they said they had one more SMALL gift and a card so I sat waiting and Amber walked to the back of the house.
She comes down the hall pushing...
I was BLOWN away showing a WIDE range of emotions...



Starting to get teary


And SUPER red faced!

Turns out, these hoochie friends of mine had been scheming for a MONTH and raising money from all my friends across the country to pay for this stroller.
As I read the names on the card my heart filled with happiness.
How lucky am I to have such wonderful and caring BFF's?

It only took us about three house and 7 girls to finally figure out how to put the toddler seat on top and the bassinet on bottom.

But when it was all done I was ready to ROLL!!

As if that wasn't enough, we still had yummy cake to eat made by the fabulous cake maker,
Summer Sister.

We sang, I wished...

And then we ATE!

Thank you Jilly for taking all these beautiful pictures!

I'm so glad I stalked Gia so I could become friends with these two cuties!

Thank you Summer for my lovely cake and all the hard work you did in arranging things!

My precious Amber, thank YOU for being so sweet and for all the MILLIONS of gifts you gave to me. Thank you for scheming behind my back and being fishy for the last month (and not in the smelly way...but that too.) You are AMAZING.

Thank you Gia for allowing your hair to be untamed and swallow me whole as I hugged you.

And of course,
THANK YOU to ALLLL the friends and family who pitched in and helped purchase the stroller. YOU
I love you all and wish that I could hug each and every one of you right now!
When I got home I had even more surpises from My Lover.
He had ordered me a cake but made the mistake of doing it over the phone only to find out that the cake he had purchased must have been made for someone's grandma.
Isn't it granny?
He was so embarrassed.
But I loved it all the same :)
Granny roses and all.
And what good is a granny cake without a granny boquet of flowers?
Poor Poor Lover, he tries so hard sometimes.
I sure love him for it.
At the end of the day I made my rounds by calling all of my peeps and thanking them for their love. While I was cozy in my bed on the phone, Penny was making ONE more birthday surprise for Mommy...

I can't wait to pay you all back!


Gwen said...

You don't know me, I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog, probably over a year ago, when you were pregnant with your youngest. I just wanted to tell you that I thought that was a great and wonderful thing your friends did for you. You deserve it, be happy, and good luck with your new little one.

Jill said...

I haven't updated my blog yet with your little party. I just need to copy and paste because you did such a fabulous job of describing it all. I'm so happy that I was a part of your special day!

nat said...

Yay, I'm glad you had such a great bday!!!

Stephanie Kelly said...

YAY!!! I am so glad you liked the outfits from Amber...and I knew you would like your "lil' Turd" hoodie!!! I have had the idea for so long and knew you would appreciate it! Also LOVE that cake my sweet Summer made. Happy Birthday!!!

Bonnie said...

Man, you are so spoiled. AND yes, that is jealousy talking. You have some good friends. That looked like a really wonderful day! I mean, it's now enchilada-toe-crushing birthday... but it'll do, donkey, it'll do.

You know, I'm always there for A. I support him most of the times because I think he is trying his best.... BUT the granny cake/flowers combo reeks of a last minute Sam's club attempt to commemorate your day. Those had to be the very last of their kind on the shelf. Surely he wouldn't purposely pick those, right? But if he did, uhm, good job. It's the thought that counts, I guess.

Izey is getting so freakin' big, it makes me a little sad! I just want to eat those donut eating thighs! So cute!

I LOVE that steaming tUrd shirt! It's awesome! I think that A should get one and wear it over his GBS shirt. Consider it payback for the granny cake/flowers.

David and Teresa said...

Baby, how fun for you. And that Marine son in law of mine...when I read all he did, it warmed my heart. He is the mean toughest roughest marine i know. I know "marines don't cry" but mothers in law do when they see how precious the marine is to her daughter. Austin I love you. I know you don't like public mush but you need to hear this. So there you soft hearted bunny shooting soldier. How cute of little Izey...what a sweet present at the end. Also, thanks to all of those sweet girls for doing all that for my sweet Jessica. YOu all are lucky to have each other there to love and take care of. Ok, I am tired and making a fool of myself for being so mushy and Goodnite to all

Staci said...

oh gosh im so a mess right now! Not only am i still emotional from watching nie nie to day on oprah but then i come to the computer and read this post. I dont know why i cry so much..oh wait im preg. I cried w/ the lover story..that is totally something i do to myself pretty much just makes life the best when it actually happens. I cried wishing i had all your amazing friends to do stuff like that for me, I cried of jealously of my sister talent and wished i could of created those cute clothes for you, i cried at penny and his sweet sneakiness! I just loved this and sooooo glad you have a special day..YOU DESERVED ever bit of it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a truly vapid, manipulative person. I heard you used to make fun of retarded people.

Jess said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful day!! I wish I had been invited to join in on the stroller 'cause I totally would have. Anyway, I'm so happy you had a fabulous day. Great job to all your awesome friends and of course your hubby. Your eclair looks de-lish.

Bonnie said...

It wasn't me, I swear!

Bonnie said...

Wait, WHAT THE CRAP!!!! I just noticed that Lazy Susan in the background. You have a Lazy Susan in your base house!

That's it. I can't take it anymore. You have amazing friends, and lots of them. You're pregnant with number FIVE. You're like 5 foot 20 inches tall. AND you have a freakin' lazy susan. UGH! I just threw up a little bit in my mouth, no wait, that's just the taste of nasty jealousy.

Chernobyl said...

Wow anon. "I heard you used to make fun of retarded people"???
That flashing scarlet "H" on your shoulder (hypocrite) is really hurting my eyes - could you turn it off please? Politically correct much?
I heard you randomly make nasty comments on people's blogs and then don't even have the twig n'berries to stand up and show yourself...oh, wait - that's true. I sure hope that was a joke.

Well Jessica,I guess if enjoying your birthday makes you all vapid and such then you go and do it every year anyway!

nicole said...

awww, what a wonderful birthday!! =) i love your little boy, he is SO CUTE!!

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

So guess what Bonnie, I have TWO lazy Susana in my kitchen!!! Awww yea! Shoulda put lejeune as your number one like we discussed!

Goodnight moon said...

I'm so glad that you had a great birthday!!!! You deserved every bit of it!!!!! I hope it made you feel like the princess that you are!

And I love A's cake....yes, it was TOTALLY granny! But it probably tasted really yummy! He tried:)

kelly manz said...

OMG! the girls didnt miss a thing! that party was totally designed FOR YOU! Gia is so awesome at that stuff. she thinks of EVERYTHING!!!! looks like a great surprise! im jealous!!! i want an awesome party too but then everyone would have to wear a tank top (no bra) and wide leg yoga pants cuz thats what i wear everyday!!!

Amanda said...

What an AWESOME surprise!!!!! WOW! Enjoy:)

Amanda said...

oh...and how did Penny get that box of doughnuts off the table w/o spilling it???!!! He is talented:)

Unknown said...

Wow, you have a BAZILLION people who love you! So sweet!! Glad you had a great birthday, it looked SO fun!

andi said...

Can I copy that birthday for mine next year??? (minus being pregnant again...) That was awesome! Happy birthday to you!

Ellis Family said...

LOVE THIS POST! Jill said it - you described every pic perfectly ! (I hate that I'm ugly in every pic, but was YOUR day, right?) LOL I love how my sweet cuz thinks I had everything to do with this FAB party, when really it was Amber and SS. It was just held here at my house! LOL It was a blast though and I am sooooo glad you were surprised and loved everything! :) Is this the same ignorant anon. as before or are all RETARDS named anon.? Just askin. Oh, you can pay me back on Feb. 6th when I will be officially OLD and on the downhill slope towards 40! UGH! KILL ME DEAD! Luv ya Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

mmmm... that cake looks so good. oh.. and happy birthday sister. :) i love that turd hoodie!!!i want one so bad!!!! enos and i were laughing and wishing for one SOOOO bad when we looked at it! SWEETNESS. i'm glad you had fun.... you're a great sister. unlike me... ya know.. cuz i never answer my phone.