Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We have our routine here at the Lowe's in the morning.
We get up.
Get ready for school.
East breakfast, make lunches.
Morning Prayer.
And then off to school the big kids ride their bikes while me, Isaak and Miah walk slowly to the school together.
When Isaak and I get home we take a bath together.
It's a ritual.
And then he goes down for his first nap.
That bath time may seem very short and unimportant, but to me and Penny, it's OUR time. Our special time together with no one else.
Just me and him.
We don't get a lot of that.
Today, My Lover threw a wrench in our routine since he was off so I ended up taking my bath earlier....alone.
I got caught.
And as much as I enjoyed my morning bath in silence, I enjoyed hearing my Penny's sad sigh when he saw me in it without him even MORE.
I love that he loves me and our routines.
Most days I tend to complain about...
Being so huge.
In pain.
No clothes to fit.
Feeling ugly.
Yucky complexion.
And just plain WORN OUT and ready to be UNpregnant.
I have to remind myself that
I need to cherish this time.
These 5 weeks I have left.
With no wrenches.
Just simple routine.


Valinda said...

While I love it when My Lover has a day off he does seem to get in my way ;). I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your last 5 weeks being a Mom of 4. Making room for a new family member always takes some big adjustments. Hopefully Baby A will take a nap and you and Penny can still have your morning bath together!

Candace said...

Awww.. you and Penny are so sweet! I love taking baths with my babies too, but it doesn't happen very often. Before Noah, Emma and I always had bathtime together and Noah and I have tried a few times, but Emma always finds us and gets in, which means I have to get out, because it's just TOO CROWDED! :) And you're a beautiful pregnant girl, you should savor every minute of this last pregnancy! :)

dena said...

nothing like wet, soapy baby and wet, soapy mama for lots of bathtime fun!

watch out! i heard there was a rash of spiders coming through east coast bath drains. :)

Dana said...

he is so yummy

David and Teresa said...

See Mothers do need love...you needed to know that your Penny missed his bath with you. That is love.

Love you little mother of mine

Carolina said...

why am I almost in tears?

PMS? What the crap?

Your post is so sweet! One day when your littlins read all your special words of love to them and about them...they will be in awe of the wonderfully imperfectly perfect mother they have!

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This is what I love about my never met you friend: You can find joy in the little things and remember how precious they really are and you make me smile and giggle every time I read your blog. Every post is most enjoyable!!

Anonymous said...

that Penny is a doll!

Lindsay said...

i love my penny. i wish i could squeeze him right now.

Crystal Renee said...

Aww! That is sweet. I think all kids need 1on1 time with their parents. (I need to do it more..*cough*)

Nice routine and even though your lover threw you a wrench, you most likely ENJOYED that time ;)

Amanda said...

enjoy that routine...savor every minute of it:) I LOVE them fresh out of the bath all "nakey, nakey"!

Unknown said...

Awe! What a sweet routine! You definitely need to be soakin' it all in!

Also, My GOSH I love naked babies!!!!

Bonnie said...

Hey NERD! Quit being a sap and give us some good old fashioned Jessica-Make-Fun-Of-Someone Humor!!!

I'm in need of a good laugh!


And yes, I posted this anonymously because I'm sneaky like that!

Bonnie said...


Crap, well, I wanted to post it anonymously to drive people crazy! Dang! I'm a fool!

Goodnight moon said...

Penny does love his mommy! That is ONLY obvious! He lives and breaths you dork!