Monday, August 3, 2009

Ughhhh...Must this continue? (In Pictures)

The past day or so I've sat around looking something like this.
Just seriously deep thoughts, not deep toots.
What do I do about my rejected deal and the way I feel about the mutha situation?

I'm the type of person who likes to hear opinions. I do, really. Not only do I like to HEAR them, I usually try to listen open mindedly and APPLY them to my situation. So I asked some of my closest peeps what I should do. I got a lot of feedback, but there were two people in particular who said things to me that actually stood out.
One was from this guy...

Wait. No! Not that guy.
Sorry, I get them confused ever since Bonnie pointed out their similarities...
THIS guy (on the far right)....MA. He's pretty wise when it comes to certain things (not who's carmel popcorn is better or if he should or shouldn't wear Hawaiian shirts) so I tend to listen when he speaks.

One thing he pointed out was that we all have a little something called...

Except not all of us have money and football players in our heads when we think of our free agency although I really liked this picture because it made me smile.

We have it. It was one of the great gifts that Heavenly Father (thanks to super rad Eve) gave us when he sent us down here to gain a physical body. We get to make ALLLLLLL our decisions however we PLEEEEAASE. I love it. It's what allowed me to load up all the kids in the pouring rain today JUST to go get a cherry coke because I wanted one. It's what allows (that word looks really wrong) me to order my burgers with cheese and pickles ONLY. It's what allowed me to break the Sabbath when I was locked out of my house on THIS day. It's what allowed me to get my hoochie mamma tattoos, wear a cross when I was 17 AND run far far away from home against my parent's wishes.

I don't usually appreciate when people TELL me what to do.
I like asking for advice but I don't do well with commands so I'm pretty fond of the whole free agency junk.

Then I talked to this little "Artist in San Francisco".
Yes she IS my little sister but sometimes (not all the time that's for sure *wink*) SOMETIMES she says some pretty smart crap and it just so happened TODAY was one of those times.

She mentioned to me that during fast and testimony meeting on Sunday, someone said something about Change. How, you can NOT change anyone but yourself.
(someone should tell this guy already, right?)

She also said that instead of trying to CHANGE others, focus on doing charity for others to better YOURSELF.
Sometimes I wish I could just drink a bottle of charity and I'd have all my charity quotas set for that month.

When I googled charity this picture popped up and I immediately felt a connection with this woman. How in the WORLD am I able to find time to be charitable when I've got like
700 kids hanging off of me 24/7?
Okay but for real.
Charity: Something given to help the needy. To aid. An act or work.
Basically, GIVING. In any form really, just giving.

THEN, that Artist in San Francisco pointed out that the best way to GIVE to others is to SERVE them. When we serve them, we show them love as Christ did when he washed the feet of his apostles. We can ALL serve, no one is too great, too busy (although we think we are), too young or too old.

So I took all these great words of advice.
Free Agency
And I stuck them in my blender brain and I set it on a low speed as I contemplated my next action.

As I mentioned before, I really do love hearing advice. I think it's how we grow. All of us were sent here from the same place and we're all trying to get going in the same direction (well, not ALL of us but you know...) so we're all pretty much learning as we go. Why not ask around for directions from people who may have been where you are now?
I want to be a better person. ALWAYS. As much as all you 79 readers (I got a new follower to replace that loser quitter one...Thanks Larmans!) think I'm just a perfect little gem...
I am not.
I honestly and truly WANT to be better each and every day.
I really am trying. Some days I'm successful.
Some not.
But I'm still trying.
Okay I like this picture better but nix the Seattle part and change it to Dallas.

Anywho. I've devised a NEW deal.
(Imagine that being me and my mutha shaking hands).

The mutha wants her crosses back. They ARE hers.
But I want my point to be made.
If the mutha promises to read THIS message from
this sweet little man I love...
(I mean REALLY read it with an open heart AND mind and then maybe pray about it and then maybe do a little rain dance around the bird bath outside in just your panties with jeweled tassels hanging from carried away.)
I promise to tell you where all
of these babies are hidden in your home.
(yikes, I really hope I can remember. Like my pregnant brain is super smooshy right now and especially after all that pondering and blender action I did today.)

And that will be that.
Like I said before, do what you will with your
But given that, you know my feelings on the matter.
President Gordon B. Hinckley's feelings on the matter.
The entire organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' feelings on the matter.
You get my point.
I love you mutha.
Your deliciously dramatic, super fun,
"life would be so boring without me"
MIDDLE child...