Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1. Fine. I thought I could get away with my extra EXTRA long weekend and skimp on blogging but I've already been called out by SOME of whatever. I was really just mourning the loss of my two friends who LEFT me this weekend. Losers. Now they're both back and they expect for us to just pick up where we left off like nothing ever happened? Whatever.
2. So Izey is counting down the days until he turns the BIG ONE. There are exactly 24 days left until he's a big boy. It's sad to see him get so big so fast. It feels like just a month or so ago that I was whining about the dumb hospital putting off my induction. I couldn't wait to meet him and now not only is he here...but he's almost 1?!? How did that happen?
Yesterday I started him on Rice Dream. Yes, I jumped the gun but only because the stupid formula people are doing that change crap and I REFUSE to buy into it. They used to still have old cans with the regular amount in it (16oz) and the regular size scoop but now it's getting hard to find anything but the NEW can...same size...but only 12oz AND the bigger scoop. It really pisses me off.
SOoOOooO, rice dream it is. And he LOVES it. MMmmm.
Milestones for My Penny are:
* Waves and says "ba ba" when someone leaves.
* Signs "more" and "all done" (which is all I'll be teaching him)
* Takes two GOOD naps a day and LOVES his naps
* Goes to bed at 7:30 ish and up at 7:30 ish
* Says "Mama" and "Dada"
* LOVES to tackle his brothers and hit them
* LOVES to pull his sister's hair
* Climbs all the way up the stairs
* Pushes chairs, baskets and anything else he can get his hands on next to the bed and couch to crawl up on it. Then when he's up there he likes to dive, HEAD FIRST, off...laughing. This kid has no fear.
* Eats almost anything we eat
* LOVES his baby brainy DVD (thanks Milley!)
* Loves to unroll toilet paper and eat it
* Sucks his thumb when he's sad and while I'm holding him.
* LOVES babies and sleeps with his kewpie doll every night
* Not walking, not really interested in it at all. He'll stand up next to anything but HATES to straighten his legs out and stand when you hold his hands.

3. Every day when the kids come home from school, Kora grabs the mail on her way in and drops it off to me on her way to her room. The other day I asked her to clean her room and when she was done, I went it to inspect it. I found some interesting paraphernalia as usual, but my favorite was the spanx catalog on her desk. OBVIOUSLY came in the mail, addressed to ME but I never got it. Seems like she decided to KEEP that little piece of mail for herself and display it proudly on her desk.

4. Isaak loves my big sunglasses and especially during church where he can look around the chapel and see everyone laughing and pointing at him. He's an attention hog.

5. I took the three big kids to the dentist yesterday and it actually went very well. Here's the verdict on everyone:
Teeth look great but are slow to fall out. She would normally refer him to an orthodontist by this time but since he still has a lot of baby teeth they'll wait till the next cleaning in 6 months. She assured me that he WILL need braces though. He had NOOOOOO cavities (yay jake!) and got sealants on all 4 of his 6 year molars to protect them from getting cavities.
Teeth are bad. Stained. 4 (almost 5) cavities. Needs all of them filled. Dentist told me to brush her teeth from now on and she needs to cut WAAAY back on candy, sugar drinks and sweets. I coulda predicted that one. We made an appointment for the first set of fillings.
Teeth look somewhat nice just a TAD stained in between. Only one cavity and it's in between two teeth. Brushing is good but I need to floss him too. The fused front tooth is still fine and doesn't necessarily mean his new tooth will grow in that way as well. I hear that same story every time he goes to the dentist. Yea yea yea. We made an appointment to get that cavity filled.

ALLLL the kids did GREAT in the chair. I didn't even go back there. She said Miah and Kora were especially good for their age and although they need work done, they'll be fine doing it in the office!

Penny stayed with me in the waiting room digging through my wallet and inspecting and tasting all my cards...his favorite pastime.

6. Jake got a MAJORLY cool present in the mail from MawMaw and PawPaw last week. An Indiana Jones hat, 2 REAL whips, a satchel and compass!! Holy smokes! He sure does look cute in all his gear! This picture is RIGHT after he opened the present and put everything on but lately he's been wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and khaki pants with his hat so he looks JUST like Indi! What a hottie!

7. The last two nights I've let Kora fix my hair while I watch my shows before bed. She's a great hairdresser. She wanted to show me the hairstyles so I gave her my phone to take pictures. She said if I wanted to I can make copies of the pictures and hand them out to all my that's what I'm doing.
She started out simple.

And then added a little flair.

Belle flair of course.

Then she decided to get creative.

Getting better! She wanted me to wear this one the next day.

Wait is this still Kora doing the work?

Let's try the double DOUBLE twist.

THERE we go! She's got it! This girl is GOOD!

She told me to pretend I was comin in her shop and I needed to ask her for what hair I wanted. I decided that I was going to prom and needed a prom hairdo.
First try was a little plain for me...

There we go! That's the one!

8. Lately my Lover has discovered that the kids' webkinz games are more than just kid stuff. He's been addicted to the pool game since he first laid eyes on it. I think he spent about 80% of the weekend on this game...racking up money for Jake and Kora (split evenly of course) to spend on their webkinz. I hate video games...
Do you think he's the only Dad that plays webkinz?

9. *RALPH* Bla....GAG.....
(I'm puking here)


Dana said...

the spanx cat. was funny!!!!!!!!your kids crack me up.. and no i sometimes play the games on webkinz to earn money for mine too

Goodnight moon said...

So, I'm back you can stop complaining about it now! Thanks for missing me sooooooo much!!!! I feel so wanted now:)

I'm thinking about ditching Kim as my salon girl and having Kora do my hair now. But she might get bored on my hair since its not as long as yours.

I can't believe Izey is almost a year old!!!!! You need to get busy on his birthday party. I haven't heard any plans yet!

Amanda said...

Izey and L--a YEAR old! How did that HAPPEN?
Glad Izey loves his rice Dream:)
That whip is so so cool! P would FLIP about all of that. I can't even show it to him!
Kora cracks me up:)
Glad the dentist went pretty well:)
I wish I had someone to play with my's so relaxing to me.
And no you can't take a blogging break--we miss u.
And I guess I will just have to wait and be surprised by the sex of this baby since my hubby was NOT helping me out with Pay-pal this weekend.ggggrrrrrr.

Valinda said...

Nice to hear you survived the weekend. I can't wait to hear about Izey's amazing 1 yr old shindig! Way to go on the Rice Dream, good move for sure. My kids try to steal my mail too but I don't get anything as interesting as a Spanx catalog. I'm glad the dentist went so well I have to go back this afternoon to get Jr's spacer and that is the last thing we have to do until November, thank heavens! Jake looks so handsome and all grown up! You are so patient to let Kora fix your hair, love the bows. Well at least he isn't playing pool in a pool hall. If you hate 9 so much why not just stop at 8?

Bonnie said...

Ah, baby isaak is no longer a baby :-(

Em drinks Rice Dream when we can't find almond milk. She loves both of them and I could see a major difference! I hope Izey has the same results!

I love the spanx catalogue, it's fancy and girlie, I think I would put it on my dresser too. Kora's a smart girl.

Yea for Jake!!! He's a great brusher of teeth! You must be so proud! I was always proud when they said my kids teeth looked spotless. I don't know why, because they did all the work.

Poor Poor Kora and her bad teeth. It's from those bad genes you gave her. Niice. She can just wait til she's 18 and have them replaced with perfect veneers.

Jake looks handsome as Indy!

I miss pictures of my Miah!

I love your hair! I'm a simple girl so the first one is more my style, but the prom style is nice.

And, finally, I definitely think Austin is the ONLY dad playing webkinz.

Carolina said...

Love the junk in yo trunk!!! your junk lists!

So...guess what? I ONLY drink Rice Dream too! I have always hated milk-milk..ewww gag!! I switched to Soy about 6 years ago...and then the doctor prompted me to switch to Rice milk because of the hormone inducing problems brought on by Soy. Anywhoo...just thought I'd add that! it out Kora! Girl's got skillz!! I wonder what Kora likes about's funny though!

Izey...awww!! What are you doing for his first birthday?

Yay for your brave kids @ the dentist! I hate the dentist!

Misty said...

LOVE the post today Jess!

I love Webkinz too!!!!!! Secretly of course!

Staci said...

What an eventful week! Well fyi on the Martin blog is the first part of the wedding pics. I'm sure summer will post a pretty good post about it..she was snapping pics like crazy!

Staci said...
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Laura said...

sounds like dad needs a real pool set for father's day. How many teeth has Jake lost? Alex's only lost like five and he's way behind too.
actual puke or puking on the #9?

Lisa Dalton said...

YAY! You have an Indy at your house too! How cool! My middle guy thinks he *is* Indiana Jones. He walks around singing "I am Indiiii...ana Jones. I am Indiiiiii...ana Jones Jones Jones." to the theme song! It is quite nice. We just did a huge Indiana Jones party for him last month when he turned four. Yay for you. And congrats on the baby. And I like surprises so I didn't pay! But how sweet are you to donate it anyway! Later!

Tara said...

My kids were ultra rich from my playing their webkinz games. I got out of it once my life turned crazier, but I did spend quite a lot of time on webkinz for several months. :)

The Nugen's said...

Ok, I can't stop laughing! Love the Spanx catalog and the hairdos! And coming from a dental professional, I am so glad your kids did so well at the dentist!! Yay (except for the cavities!)

Hope you enjoyed your spa day!!

Lindsay said...

i love how you could have just ended on eight... but no... you wanted to be able to complain about ending on NINE. nerd.

Unknown said...

Ha! Your family is funny! Webkinz, Spanx, it's all there!

Candace said...

I love all your hairdo's... Kora rocks!

And... what the CRAP is Rice Dream???? That sounds horrible!

David and Teresa said...

Well my Jakob is so much more handsome than I mean Indiana Jones.....Izey is precious....the hair is cute and very creative my Koko...and well maybe I should get Austin his own webkinz. I wondered if Koko would like the present and now no need to worry. If she doesnt like it Austin can have it.

Love you Mutha

David and Teresa said...

oops and forgot to say yipee to my Miah for having good teeth.
Love all my babies.
Mutha and mawmaw to some

DeAnna E. said...

Hope this makes you feel better: Austin is NOT the only Dad to play Webkinz. :) Scott, being the overgrown boy he is, loves his Webkinz games almost as much as he loves his Xbox 360, Playstations, Nintendos and the arcade housed in our garage. (Note: I am embarrassing myself more than I am embarrassing him, I assure you.)