Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have you tasted some junk in a while?

1. Did somebody pray for me because I woke up feeling FANTASTIC today :) I think after Isaak's first nap I'm gonna attempt working out!! I'll sure miss my iPod as I'm running.
2. Yesterday when I was feeling like stinky dog poo, I watched Amber's two smallest kids while she gallivanted off and had a wonderful day of shopping and dining and whatnot. She always makes me do this kinda crap for her while she goes and "plays". Whatever. The boys were OK. They fought, like usual, over stupid usual. I wasn't feeling like being a nice mom so I took all the toys away and told them that if they fight then NO ONE can play. Of course once I did that there was major wailing and gnashing of teeth. Miah ran to his bed to cry but he can never outdo Ian the screamer who yells from the top of his lungs as loud as humanly possible. I threatened to put Ian in the garage if he didn't be quiet. He didn't listen, but the garage was too cold and I was scared he'd tell on me so I didn't follow through with my threat. He eventually stopped yelling and all was well with just a couple snacks. Snacks always make me smile too.

3. Emma was a doll and just played in Isaak's car seat most of the time.

4. So this is WAY old, but for VDay our over the top party girl Heidi threw a beautiful luncheon for all us friends of hers. She decorated her home to a usual. It was so much fun! I stole these pictures off her blog to show you just how fancy she is! Blow it up and look at the attention to detail on the table setting...AWESOME!

5. She took a picture of me and Amber at the party and I thought it was semi decent so I stole that too. This was, of course, BEFORE the removal of my stripper hair so keep that in mind. It's now a rated G length with crisp even ends!

6. Yesterday as everyone was clamoring around in the kitchen we got a knock at the door leaving us a great big package addressed to Jeremiah! He was totally stoked! It was a birthday surprise from Natalie, Eben, Kamryn and Zane and it was totally sweet of them!

Jake and Kora couldn't keep their hands off Miah's presents. I had to keep telling them to back up!

He got so many cool things like a kite, army guys and a big toy box FULL of different games.
Thanks Burns friends!

7. I hate it when I'm in a public place and talking to people and I accidentally poke myself in the eye and I'm trying to act normal and not draw attention to myself but my eye keeps watering and trying to shut.
8. A few days back, we were sitting around the dinner table eating and everyone was silent. All of a sudden Kora says, "I miss my tonsils."
9. I found this cute beach bag for this Summer on sale for $9! I snatched it right up. The baby wasn't included.

10. The other day Jake and I were talking about what WE think our most perfect day would be. We decided it would be sleeping in until 11 with no one waking you up, spending the WHOLE day warm and cozy in your bed talking on the phone, looking on your laptop, watching TV and playing video games, having people bring you EXACTLY what you crave to eat for breakfast lunch dinner and snacks, and taking naps whenever you want. We decided that the BEST part of our dream day would also be having a cozy Isaak in the bed with you ALLLL day but he would never whine or cry or try to get up and run away. He would just lay by you the WHOLE day being cozy, smiling and making sweet sounds. He'd take naps when you took naps and never ask for anything or crawl around...just lay and cuddle. It makes me smile just thinking about it!
11. Barack is coming to my house tomorrow. Well...not MY house, but Camp Lejeune. He's coming to speak to Marines and their families since he just ordered like 75 MILLION Marines to go to Afghanistan. Debating on whether or not I should attempt to go see him. I know it'll be just like seeing him on TV because I'll be SOOO far away anyway. BUT, some part of me feels like if I go and I put Isaak in a Obama "Change" shirt that he'll see me over the crowds...raising my baby in the air and he'll say into the speaker..."you there, with the baby...come up and shake my hand." And then I'd have like secret service escort me through the crowds and everyone would be jealous of me and my change baby and I'd get on stage with him and he'd hold my baby in his change t-shirt and he'd kiss him and people would take pictures and then the picture of him kissing my baby in his change t-shirt will become like an a the Rosie the Riveter "We Can Do It" poster of the chick flexing her muscles. It'd be like a symbol to the nation of black and white...young and old...CHANGE holding the future.
And then...
I realize that I've let my imagination get the best of me. That'll just be fighting the annoying white trash crowds of Jville. Smelling nasty BO and getting pushed and touched by dirty germ infested hands. Kids will be crying because they're hungry...and tired...and they wanna go home. I'll have to squint to even SEE Obama and I won't be able to hear anything he says because I'm sure the sound system will be budget and echo-y. He won't even catch a GLIMPSE of my baby in his change tshirt, but others will and they'll think its SO cute that they feel the need to touch Isaak all over leaving him with some NEW disease taking us BACK to the ER.
Let's take a vote...should I go? or not? Remember, this IS history ppl.
12. Speaking of history. Jake had to do a project on a famous black American for Black History Month. He chose Colin Powell and he did an OUTSTANDING job on his research and visuals. He was very proud and so am I! Colin Powell was the perfect person for Jake because of the military aspect and he is indeed a GREAT role model for America. I wonder who he'll choose to research for Presidents Day...OH WAIT, NC schools don't celebrate Presidents Day...that's right. We celebrate black history month AND Martin Luther King Jr's Bday but not Presidents Day. Okay...nevermind.

13. Jake tried to sneak an MRE (meals ready to eat) to school today for his lunch. He told me he already made his lunch yesterday and I didn't need to do it. When I asked him where it was this morning as I'm packing his bag, he said it was upstairs. I told him he couldn't bring it to school because it hadn't been refrigerated all night and then he shows me the MRE. Uhhmm..NO. First of all, that's just disgusting. Second, you blatantly lied to me about making your lunch and even went into detail about how I put too much meat on your sandwich so you made it with less meat. WTC dude? I was feeling like a totally crappy lunch maker because of you only to find out it was all a hoax! Butthead.


Goodnight moon said...

Why are you always trying to throw me under the bus like that? You seriously have a problem with lying out of your butt!!!! I need to bring over a bar of soap and wash your dirty little mouth out the next time I see you! Wonder when that will be? Are you up for Pizza Hut tonight? Bleck**!! How come that story never made it to your blog? And the superhero of that story would have to be Courtney!

Valinda said...

I'm happy to see you're feeling better and I think I'd go see Obama speak but put Izey in a hazmat suit.

Unknown said...

Glad you woke up so cheery this morning!

I vote no on the Obama thing. I think your second scenario would likely be true.

Carolina said...

Miah is soooo cute!! He's brown like me...except for I'm not really brown..hehe!!

Love the cute new bag!!

I would like to consider myself the "Heidi" in my neck of the woods! My birthday party decor is centered around the damask black and white print very similair to her fact...too bad I don't have those curtains...and the table is LOVELY!!!

YES to OBAMA...but I agree put Izey in some like protective bubble wrap or something to keep the JVille cooties away!! and Double YES on the izey change shirt!!

Jake is too cute trying to sneak an MRE to school...he wanted to feel cool :)
My comments are just too long..anywhoo!!

Amy Herfurth said...

OK, you have to call me and I will figure out what the heck is wrong with your CAMERA!! Everyone looks so glowing and too bright...I guess thats ok if your taking the photos in heaven!

Bonnie said...

That's so funny, because I woke up in the best of moods too! We are kindred spirits... we even have good days together when we are miles apart. :-) I didn't even yell at my kids once... and believe me, they were pushing for it!

I'm sorry that Amber's kids are so rotten, it really makes it hard to take care of children that you don't even like. Ugh! That Amber... she's such a user!

My fave part of that party are the curtains! I love them! I can't wait to decorate my house. By the way, I didn't buy bedroom suits, just new bed sets. I spent a fortune buying the best sheets, down alternative mattress pads, new quilts and blankets and pillows! Now, my babies have more comfortable beds than me! The upside is, for the first time since we've been here... they actually sleep through the nigh since they are so comfortable.

I HATE that picture of you and Amber... it's missing something. I don't know, maybe ME! Ah, it makes me so lonely! I miss you guys!

Happy B-day Mia!

Love the new bag, and the baby in it!

Barak's overated... but I love Colin Powell! Way to go Jake!

Bonnie said...

whoops, Barack... I can't believe I misspelled the name of our President. What a sad state of affair I am in!?

Dana said...

I say no to the pres. thing.. I figure it will be pack and nasty... you haven't really said anything about the kids in their new schools.. how is that goin?

Froggylady said...

I'm so glad you posted a picture of your stipper hair because I don't know what the hair of strippers looks like, having never frequented that type of establishment.

I am loving the picture of Izey in the bag and Emma in the carseat. SO CUTE!

David and Teresa said...

WHY WONT YOU LET MY JAKE EAT MRE's if he wants for lunch? He seems to really like them. And you need to add more meat to his sandwiches. Hahhahahahaha....when i was there i noticed that you were that way when you made my sandwich too....hahahahahaha...
Love you

Lindsay said...

Jakob LOWE!!! stop lying!!! i'll come down there and smack you if you do that again!!! sneaky.. Also..i love the sexy look that Izey's giving as he sits in that beach bag.. my only wish is that he was topless... ADORABLE. AND... how come you didn't address the fact that Ian has OCD? Look at those snacks all lined up? honestly. oh! and i love miah with his hood up.. it's so cool.

Lindsay said...

one more thing... that table is so festive and fancy.. it reminds me of Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee on Food Network. I wanna be there... i bet she even had favors didn't she? *sigh*.. it makes ME wanna plan a fancy lunch party with girls.