Saturday, January 17, 2009

a saturday is coming

(blow this picture up if you want to smile today) much to do today.

i HAVE to clean.

i HAVE to go to the busy commissary where people stink and will push and bump into me.


i GET to be with my koko and izey as i do it! :)

and i GET to pickup my new bed from Amber so i don't have to sleep on mattresses on the floor anymore.

2 bads = 2 goods.

so today is a nuetral day and i can't argue about that. i love my life.


Amanda said...

Izey is adorable! I already hate grocery shopping I am sure I would dislike it even more in the commissary! You need to do a post for us peeps about the commissary since I don't know a thing about it! How is id different then the normal store?

David and Teresa said...

I'm smiling!!!!!!!!!Dad

Unknown said...

Oh I LOVE that picture!!!!!

Lindsay said...

i love neutral... its a good way to feel and it's a great couch color.. you can do so many things with a room with a neutral colored couch. (i watch too much tv)

Laura said...

does amber make beds? I'd like one please. wear a clothespin on your nose and maybe people will get the hint.