Wednesday, January 14, 2009

holy smokes junk

1. Okay where have I been? Well...the heater hasn't been working downstairs so it's FA-REEZING and I'm not about to just sit down there blogging with my icey fingers. Luckily the guys are here today to remedy the prob. I just NOW realized I could use Jake's computer in his room. SO here I am. But it's too late.

2. I need to get a hair cut. It's been too long I definitely have stripper hair right now. It's so thin and hoochie.

3. A WWB (weekly wanna-be) is in the making. Maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll post it. This is a hard one so I've been filming it over and over to get it JUST right. Be patient.

4. Where the crap are all the items I've ordered over the last 2 weeks? Why does FedEx and UPS completely IGNORE my home as they drive by each day? I'm getting annoyed.

5. The other day Jake allowed me to wrangle two of his bottom teeth from his gums. He's such a weenie when it come to pulling teeth. I've told you this before that he will let them just SIT there for EVER even if they are dangling by a piece of gum meat (which these two were). I made him lay on the bed as I straddled his belly and Kora held his head still. He was screaming and drooling all over the place while I yanked them from his head. Geez. Wouldn't you just wanna get them out? We even told Kora and Jake that whoever lost their tooth next would get $10 bucks from us. SO Kora starts wiggling the crap outta her NON loose tooth and MADE it loose. She's like me and loves pain and drama. Jake just sat there and said he didn't need $10 because he already has enough. about needing motivation. Holy smokes.

6. Jake started boxing at the Marine Corps boxing gym on Monday and he LOOOOVES it. It's an hour and a half, three nights a week. We're probably only gonna let him go 2 nights a week so he can still go to scouts at church on Wednesdays. The coach told me that he sees REAL RAW talent in Jake. I was confused because all I saw was a bunch of long limbs flailing and knashing of teeth. You should have seen his jump rope. I was seriously laughing so hard I was crying. The mom next to me probably though I was the meanest mother in the world. It was HIL-arious. Anyway, the coach says that he's been boxing since he was 15 years old and he KNOWS talent when he sees it. He said that Jake has major determination and focus. He said most kids walk in that gym and punch their brains out trying to "box" and even when corrected they just shake their head and continue on exactly the wrong way. JAKE watches, listens, and learns when they correct him. He said every time Jake tries again, he applies what the coach teaches and that's a rare talent in itself. On his first day he showed a lot of improvement. I'm super proud of him. It is true...he's so focused when he REALLY wants to do something. He's awesome! Go JAKE! I think it's all that boxing in his blood!

7. So a few weeks ago I was at the commissary and swung by the sushi bar to grab some for Austin. They didn't have what he wanted to I asked the guy if he could make it for me. He saw that I had my grocery list on my iphone and immediately got excited. He couldn't stop talking about the iphone and he whipped his iphone out to show me all his applications. He kept talking about some thing that he pronounced, "Aut Sto" and I was CLUELESS as to what he was telling me. I kept nodding my head but I was lost in his strong Asian accent. Well, last night I went to Amber's for the American Idol watching party and she ended up telling me about the "APP STORE" on my phone and how you can upload facebook and all sorts of things on it. OHHH. It immediately clicked that the dude at the sushi bar was saying "app store". Crazy me. So this morning I spent forever in the app store to see what they had. It's awesome! I had no idea my phone could do so much. I'm REALLY loving the Pandora application. I love using it on my computer but now I have a mini portable version I can take with me wherever I go! This is just another reason why Summer needs this phone...she LOVES Pandora. So when is Jonathan leaving again? Okay...I expect a new iphone sometime during the next 2 weeks!!!!

8. Last Sunday Jakob gave a talk and Kora did the scripture in Primary. They did a fabulous job and I was super proud. Jake even typed out his own talk and rehearsed it over and over. He's getting so grown-up :(

9. Speaking of Jake growing up...I was digging in my memorabilia box and found a home video that Amy made for us awhile back. It had Jake on it from when he was 1, his 3rd birthday, and some of Kora when she was brand new. It makes me so sad to watch it but I'm SOOOO glad that I have such a good sister who has my back and takes care of making home videos for me since she knows I suck at it. Miah is addicted to "home video" as he calls it and every morning as soon as he gets up he comes into my room and puts in "home video" to watch.

10. What a roundy number this is. Hmm. Let me think of something good to say here...Okay I got it. I love fart bars (aka fiber ones)


Valinda said...

Just to make you happy for me it's been nearly 10 degrees above average here! (low 60's) That was a nice list to catch us up with and you really must not have TV cause I know what an iphone can do from all those millions of commercials! Have fun in the app store. :)

Tara said...

That is funny about Jake and teeth. Josh is horrible. This is really sad, but I have been so busy with getting my art room set up for my kiln, I forgot about the tooth-fairy, two days in a row. After that, I didn't know what to say, Josh was heartbroken that he would be so forgotten. So I had Jade tell him the truth. How sad is that? Age 6, and found out about the tooth fairy on your second tooth! He was cool though, and enjoyed the extra guilt money I gave him. And you ARE super lucky to have a sister who takes pictures, I have hardly any because I am terrible at it.
ALSO...update my art blog link woman! I changed it ages ago, posted the new address on my blog, but you still have my old one. new one is I am actually being active on that part of my life, so you better be up to date on it! :)

David and Teresa said...

Paw Paw can't wait to see a video of Jakob boxing. That boxing blood is flowing all the way to Texas. Go Jakob go. Knock um out. OK Jessica post some video of Jakob boxing so Paw Paw can feel like he is there. Will he actually fight in a tournament?

Lindsay said...

that's funny that you were looking at those videos of the childrens... i was looking through all of my pictures on the computer last night and saw TONS of old jake and kora pics... they made me a little sad too... jeez they grow too fast. As for the boxing... that's hilarious... i can totally see his gangley arms waving in the wind. Also... was it just me or was American Idol EXCRUCIATINGLY boring last night? i ended up watching the biggest loser instead.

Amanda said...

Glad your back! i've missed ya:) I need a hair cut too (haven't had one since August!)--but we need a job first...and I am letting my hair grow out--your my inspiration...although mine will never look as cool as yours!

Unknown said...

Ok, girl, I need to open your eyes to the world of the Aut Sto!

1. Pandora (Great Call!)

2. Grocery IQ

3. Facebook

4. Google Mobile App

5. Now Playing

6. Amazon

7. i.TV

8. iPhlix (if you use Netflix)

9. Lose It! (if you're watching your calorie intake)

10. Favorater

I have like 5 pages of apps on my phone, but these should get you started...

Amy Herfurth said...

ok just don't watch it so much that it gets scratched to death like jake's 3rd birthday...I don't have backup's of those!! See it makes up for all the horrible things you said I did to you when we were little!! :)

Bonnie said...

I'm so proud of you and your stupid iphone! Ugh! Why couldn't you guys just get the cheaper but still trendy palm centro? But whatever, to each their own.

I'm glad that Jake is into boxing! I'm going to try to find a jiujitsu class for Coopdawg. I think that he will do well in it.. basketball isn't working out too well.

By the way, how is my Miah! I miss him so much! He prolly doesn't remember me :-(

Camilla said...

I wonder how my boys will be when their teeth start falling out. Hmmm....

I love Pandora too. Steve got me an ihome for Christmas so I can dock my iphone and play all my music through the loud speakers, so fun! My other favorite apps: Livestrong, Sudoku, and Facebook.

Carolina said...'re back!!

Can I just discuss you're "stripper" hair for a moment! I love the way you have always been able to describe things in the exact spirit of what they truly are...I mean how else would I have been able to picture the current state of your hair??
Do the words "LIMBY" and "BIGGENBODIOCIOUS" mean anything to ya?? LOL!!!

Yay for your Iphone...I'm insanely jealous!

Awww Jake trying to do Mike Tyson's Punch Out is tooo cute!! If he has your should a sight!!

***** said...

Alright already, enough with the anticipation of the "bi-monthly" wannabe...

Anonymous said...

I want to say, jealous jealous jealous of the iphone, I don't even want to talk about it anymore! And then...what's wrong with stripper hair? Your's is more like beauty queen hair but anyway you can have the hair but then you don't have to be a stripper, it's a win, win.