Thursday, December 11, 2008

Out of the mouths

A conversation between Miah and I today:

Me: Miah, you don't know this but when you're asleep, you fart ALL night long. You roll around and you just fart and fart. You don't know it because you're asleep but I can hear you.

Miah: Nooooo, I don't fart all night. Only on the potty train.


Lindsay said...

i don't get it. But i still love him. TOOT TOOT!!! heheh

Unknown said...

Does he really? As Addison would say, "Dat's grossy!" But he's still a mega cutie!

Goodnight moon said...

Dear Miah,

Did mommy have a "smoke of the turd" kinda fart? Or was it one of her "rotten egg farts"?

Ask daddy to bring home one of his gas masks for you tomorrow so that next time mommy "smokes you out of the room" you can inhale and it won't burn your nose hairs off!

~Ian's mommy

Laura said...

maybe he could teach the twins to ride the potty train. I'd pay him. Seriously. Big bucks.

David and Teresa said...

Fart what a ugly word. Don't worry Miah Jessica is the queen of farts. Dad

raschel said...

Lindsay's comment to this was so funny! TOOT, TOOT! haha!